My semester-one exams had started on 2nd of January and I already spoiled my mathematics exam (that was the first!) with all that time I spent on internet, when I should have been studying. And I wasted some more time after that. Uh! Blogging is such an addiction. But I studied for the 3 days that I have been inactive over the blog. And I am happy & confident that I’ll easily pass through yesterday’s exam, Elements Of Mechanical Engineering. I could never understand what do they want us to do by studying these irrelevant subjects. What is their use in a Computer Science and Engineering degree? Well, anyway. We are in a hell now and there’s no remedy to it. I simply will have to study these irrelevant subjects for the next semster even before I get my favorite applied courses in 2nd year of B.Tech.

By the way, I planned to write yesterday, but the whole afternoon was spent in sleeping as I needed a good dose of rest and in the evening some @$$hole spoiled my mood over the Yahoo messenger in the evening. He was a 3rd year student from a college in the city and had a real bad ego problem that I couldn’t help him with. I tried avoiding a chat after he had irritated me enough but the b@stard started spamming with IM. I reported him at last and blocked his IP, not considering that he was a friend’s friend. Whoever he was or whatever associations with my friends but I don’t really like entertaining dumb asses. I cannot work with this kind of shit on my head.

As for today, I plan to study for a few hours now as the next exam is Engineering Drawings on 16th, that I am poorest at. Its a good deal of days, you might be thinking, but when I couldn’t pack it in my head in 6 months of college, how the hell I am going to prepare in 6 days, I wonder. Then, I have to join a friend at a party late in the evening. We’ll have a drink or two with dinner, and then expect me to write something useful late at night according to the Indian Standard Time (GMT + 05.30 hours)

Till then, good day.
See ya’

3 thoughts on “Past 3 days of Inactivity

    1. You said, you’d take probably another 10 years to come to India, didn’t you?

      Thanks I did have a good time at the party. It was fun and a much needed break from all the stress oof my exams…

  1. Hi, exam is really the hardest part in studying cause it is the stage that will test anything that you learned or if you really learned. Exam is the end point of every test in studying.. So it is really important to study well and review on the fullest before taking an exam.
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