These days as I am working to develop a wide readership base for Inspirit Blog, during the course of which, I come across several new bloggers and blogs each day. It has been a good experience this far, for there is much to learn for me from the successful and established bloggers I get to meet, and also get inspirited from those other like me, who are working to build a community of readers for their own new blogs. It is fairly impressive to see the talent coming out as I see some of the posts on these “new blogs” that have attracted me and promise to deliver still better stuff, if I subscribe to their RSS or just keep visiting them regularly.

In all this course of virtual social interaction and networking, I am watching the culture of blogging anonymously, growing at an enormous rate; or is it just that it is now that I have started exploring the blogosphere in real sense. But whatever, its interesting to see how people like to create a suspense about their identity and even hold readers with a curiosity to know who is behind the good stuff on offer at such blogs.

Here are a few blogs, that I found worthy of a mention, where the bloggers like to remain anonymous:

1. Graphic Identity :

Graphic Identity is an Indonesian blogger, a graphics designer whose blog-posts center around Photoshop & Illustrator, mostly. The tutorials are well documented, the only shortcoming that you’ll notice is glitches in the grammar, that can be comfortably excused keeping in mind that the blogger’s first language is not English. The blog is quite resourceful but the best thing you note about this blog is the clever use of multiple blogs, to paginate the posts as can be done in WordPress by hyper-linking a “Read more” text after a short excerpt of the tutorial, to another blog that actually has all the tutorials. The navigation bar on the top is an application of the same concept as well. Intelligent!

2. Dot Art :

Another anonymously published blog, by a US citizen who loves to be called by the name Dot Art Dude. His art, as his blog speaks, is DOT ART; all of the images and designs you find at his blog are some kind of patterns of dots on 5″ x 5″ canvas, swirling and spiraling dots, rising dots, falling dots, etc. Even the template used for the blog is the default DOTS template for Blogger! The designs look cool and will surely please art and classical design lovers.

3. :

You can taste some delicious tech stuff here. You can browse through different channels like “Delicious Discoveries”, “Delicious QuickTips”, etc and dig resourceful articles out of these categories. Here’s what the tag-line says,”Delicious articles for people with good taste.” Makes for a good visit, for the tech-angled minds.

One loves to be known for what he deserves and who doesn’t like this well-deserved appreciation to his name, is what I always believed. Maybe I’d someday interview these and more-like-these bloggers about their ideologies and philosophies behind the whole idea!

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