Lose Blogger's Block, Pay It Forward

Amanda Nicole, in her post How to Conquer Blogger’s Block had talked about some really effective ways to conquer the blogger’s block.

Another great, no-fail method for breaking out of blog writer’s block is to pick another blog that you really like and say nice things about it. Seriously, that’s it with no complicated formula involved anywhere. Just Pay It Forward and Be Nice.

Did your mother ever tell you that if you couldn’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? This is really the same idea, but flipped 180 degrees : if you can’t say anything at all, say something nice!

HeartIt’s too simple, really. And it works, every time.

Now, you might hate me for this (try not to), but I never have any trouble coming up with things to blog about. But as I sat thinking about writing my post, Remarkable Bloggers© You Need Know About, it struck me what an easy, simple formula this was for a post! I realized that even if you were completely stuck in the doldrums of blog writer’s block, you could always pick another blog to say something nice about. It’s like an instant formula!

Not only is this a sure-fire method to come up with an idea for a blog post, you will also make somebody’s day! What do you think?

Remarkable Bloggers© You Need Know About, will become a regular Monday feature on Bird On a Wire . I look forward to sharing my findings with all of you, there and here on Inspirit.