Inspirit Blog started in December 2007 as a “Guide to Effective Blogging” and inspiration for everyone. Over the next few years, it helped thousands of bloggers leverage their content, social media and web presence to grow their readership and profit from their blogs.

Inspirit Blog is written by Abhinav Sood. Having earned his M.Sc. in Big Data from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, he lives in Toronto presently where works as a Data Scientist at Scotiabank.

Abhinav has a special interest in machine learning, data science and statistical analysis. With a passion for computer science, a curious mind and a strong appetite for learning, he enjoys working with data to solve difficult problems with AI and creativity.

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  1. Good to see you, and hear from you.
    I really like reading your posts. And I would be joining a engg. college this year too.

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