Hello. My name is Abhinav Sood. I am a Toronto-based Data Scientist.

I am an Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate and I work at Oracle Financial Services Software as a Consultant for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications product suite, especially the Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime and Compliance Management offerings.

Previously, I worked at Tata Consultancy Services as a Systems Engineer for 2.5 years, working on Oracle Database building fast, secure and stable applications for supporting supply-chain, billing and “Environment, Health and Safety” operations of Infineon, a leading global semiconductors-manufacturer.

I did an internship at a startup named Radbox where I contributed to the design and development of a cool video bookmarking service for the web, and at another startup named Gade Autonomous Systems Private Limited where I worked on the NAO Humanoid Robot. I also built a tool that lets you download videos from Stanford Center for Professional Development for the courses that you are enrolled in.

I have extensive experience programming and working with technologies such as PHP (including WordPress and CakePHP), Python (including web2py), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, database technologies such as MySQL, Oracle Database, SQL and PL/SQL, and tools like Informatica PowerCenter and Business Objects XI reporting tool besides various other technologies.

I have been designing and developing custom WordPress themes for 6 years now. I also contribute to the development of Cuztom Helper framework for WordPress. If you want to get a custom WordPress theme built, tailored to your specific requirements, please get in touch.