Blogging and Racism don’t go together!

Earlier when I used to check my Akismet spam to clear all the crap and to approve any genuine comments that got caught up some way – I used to see that most of the comment spam was usually composed of lots of links to websites that sold “tool enhancement” drugs and medicine, breast enhancement creams, sex toys, porn, etc. On being back after 21 days of inactivity, when I checked my Akismet comment spam I was shocked to notice something that I had never noticed before – Racist Comments!


In my recent post where I shared the strategy that helped me reach over 180 RSS subscribers even on being inactive for 21 days, I also told you how I managed to bring in so many comments to the previously published Useful and Popular blog posts. Like they say, the good and the bad always come together – A lot of comment spam also found its way, into the Akismet trap though! There were about 200 spam comments awaiting moderation and some of them could be genuine so I decided to go through each page.

Only a few pages past, I started seeing some racist comments that seemed to make no sense. It makes (non) sense to see that spammers try to sell Viagra and other drugs through comments because in some cases they may lure some hot-blooded humans into clicking through the links, or even buy them. But what do the racist comments intend to do? Why do people want to spread racial discrimination and mess with anyone’s religious or social sentiments? We are living in the 21st century and the world is changing for the better. Why would anyone want to be a disrespected racist?

Who’s behind all this? I was in such a fury to see all those comments there and deleted them before scanning the rest of them. I didn’t wish (and didn’t care) to visit the included links to see who made those comments, but one thing is very clear – whosoever did that manually or through spam bots – is a sore loser, a person with no social or moral values, who has probably been kicked out of home or society for doing no good but only swearing and fighting.

And even if this is the case… what does it mean to spam the cleaner places on the web? Blogs are a media of free expression and people have used them to vent their frustrations in the virtual world to relieve themselves in their real life. But these spammers need to know their limits. It is better if such things are kept to oneself because such things are not acceptable in a civilized society, and not to the slightest extent in the blogosphere. If any spammer happens to read this post, pay special attention to the following words – Blogging and Racism don’t go together!

By making racist comments, you’re doing yourself no good. No such comments would ever be approved and all you would earn is lots of swearing.