Technorati Love: Get all your blogs FAVORITED !

Everyone knows the importance of getting an extra blog reaction or getting your blog faved by anyone.
For a better authority in Technorati you should get more and more blog reactions which means a lot of quality blogs linking back to your site and get your blog favorited by maximum number of users to increase your fans to rank up the technorati scale. Ranking higher up in technorati literally means a lot of quality traffic to your blog, but this is not easy to achieve without wild-marketing so as to get lots of link love and faves for your blogs.

But, who said there are no shortcuts to success?

Here’s one: I’ll add all your blogs to my favorites. Simply…

  • Add Inspirit to your Favorites.
  • Leave a comment with link to your technorati profile where I can find all your blogs.

Simple ,huh?

Get to work… Good luck.