Inspirit is again a TOP PUBLISHED blog at Blog Engage

If you’re a member at Blog Engage since some time, you might know this already that Inspirit has been declared as one of the top-published blogs at Blog Engage for the second time! This is some great news but somehow I missed sharing it with you. Back in March this year, Brian of Blog Engage had published a compilation “Who has the top blogs at Blog Engage” and Inspirit was in the list of top 5 blogs. I had written about this in my post Inspirit is one of the Top Published blogs at Blog Engage.

Recently I saw this blog post by Brian Top Blogs @ Blog Engage – 5 Most Voted Blogs! on the Blog Engage blog. Though I have always secured good response to my posts that ever get submitted to BE, I wasn’t expecting to see Inspirit Blog on the list this time, because I had been quite inactive for some time. But to my amazement, Inspirit has been placed on #2 just after Raivyn’s meta blog- Idiot’s Guide to Blogging.

Its good to see that even though I fail to catch up with activity on my blog sometimes, but people still love to read the content published at Inspirit Blog. In the comments to that post and otherwise on their blogs as well, members have stated that they like Inspirit Blog as much as they like ProBlogger or CopyBlogger. Its such an honor, and I am done with the I-am-Happy dance to celebrate this already.