Now Guest Blogging at Another Pointless Blog

Matt at Another Pointless Blog was looking for guest bloggers who could help him keep his blog alive as he is unable to post everyday or sometimes even once in two or three days due to his busy college schedule. I believe he’s much more serious about his studies than I am because I have always managed to find some time to publish a blog entry or at least a blog review even if I haven’t had time to breathe from all the home assignments and projects that are fired at us in the college.

The funny thing is that this doesn’t inspire me, in the least, to start studying harder and post less, for the purpose (though, Inspirit is always open for guest-bloggers who are interested in writing here). I think I am content with my progress report at the college. LOL!

Well, I have agreed to contribute to Another Pointless Blog as I can comfortably write one or two posts per week. Another Pointless Blog, (believe me, the name is misleading!) talks about blogging, web and Apple besides some other things! I am thankful to Matt for getting me back into one of my favorite niche: technology, in which I have blogged for more than a year at my previous blog, techXtreme, before kick-starting Inspirit.

I am flattered to know that Matt was so influenced by this post I made, in which I wrote about 7 Ultimate Reasons Why You Should be Guest-Blogging. I look forward to publish my first guest post at Another Pointless Blog soon and also hope to gather some feedback from you as well as the readers of Another Pointless Blog. I’ll probably make a mention here, when I publish but make sure you don’t miss out anything by subscribing to my RSS Feed.