What is a LOGO?

No, we are not talking about the turtle’s programming language here.
A logo is ‘something’ that graphically represents your blog, as a signature. It can be an icon or a banner with your blog’s name placed as stylized text, or it can be a graphical button, a pictorial representation of the ideas or articles you’re trying to sell, or an image someway representing your domain name, your niche, or whatever. The header image, i.e. the image that you can see at the top of your current window/tab (the stylized “Inspirit Blog“) is my blog’s LOGO.

Why is a LOGO used?

  • Logo is the graphical signature of your blog.
  • Logo helps in better presentation of your blog coupled with your blog’s design.
  • It introduces a visitor to your blog or its subject by showing its name or a suggestive image.

Importance of a Good Logo Design:

I am sure everyone of you has heard that “The First Impression Is The Last Impression.” Generally, the logo loads before the rest of your blog unless or otherwise its not a very heavy image. Its your blog’s logo that greets someone when he/she gives you a “kind visit.” So, it is the logo of your blog that has more power to make that lasting first impression, than the “well written, exclusive, content-rich, juicy, etc. etc.” post(s) displayed on the same page. A neat and clean logo for your blog, that goes well with the theme, can bring you a decent amount of readers for it adds that professional touch to your blog. Coupled with the blog’s theme and design, it forms the icing on the cake i.e. the content you have to offer. How many blogs that had worst headers do you remember? A simple but well designed LOGO can change the way your blog is being looked at.

Earlier, my logo was just a simple Web 2.0 style white colored text “Inspirit Blog” with reflection below. I did it in a hurry because I wanted Inspirit Blog to be up before my exams started. I was just looking forward to find some time to do a design but then I stumbled upon Prakash’s Blog, who designs for passion. You may drop him a comment to get a free logo design for yourself.

What makes a great logo design?

  1. It should be simple, yet descriptive.
  2. Design it such that it becomes memorable. Try different colors and shades, and go for the best match.
  3. It should be effective. Trying out different logos and asking for feedback is a good practice.
  4. Sketch before you go for a digital reproduction. You’re likely to get better with every sketch you make and its easier to make changes.

Indeed, Logo speaks before words do… And speaks more than words do.

Do leave your feedback about Inspirit Blog’s logo,and let me know your views about this post.

8 thoughts on “Your Logo Speaks Before Your Words Do

  1. I agree with you Abhinav! A Logo stands as your blog identity. It should represents what your blog about. It is something that you must consider in the first place to match with your blog design…

  2. Thanks for pointing out importance of logo design. It’s being neglected by people a lot, especially for blogs.

  3. Great post. However, be careful when playing with colors and shades. It’s easy for a designer to get carried away with these aspects and the logo ends up looking too busy. Remember that you’ll want a logo that can be represented on many different mediums, so make sure it’s recognizable in black and white.

  4. Quote: the turtle’s programming language
    Haha I had forgotten about this! Learnt it when I was in grade 3.

    I’d also like to point out that a logo should look good in monotone or black & white. And should look the same on the net as well as on print.

    One should spend a lot of time thinking & designing their logos. It needn’t reflect what your company does (Apple, Nike) but should look good even 10 years on. I have seen many companies who had terrible logos when they formed their companies & now they are famous, they are having to spend hundreds of dollars for redesigning.

    Good to see that even blogs are coming up with amazing logos 🙂

  5. I acknowledge with you Abhinav! A Logo appears as your site identification. It should symbolizes what your site about. It is something that you must consider in the first position to go with with your site design…!!!

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