The radical blogger, Les Scammell (of MyRadicalBlogs) has reviewed Inspirit Blog and has added the review to his Blog Review Catalog, 2008. Inspirit Blog gets a rating of 8.5 on a scale of 10, after being judged on the basis of looks and feel, content and the ease of use.

What the Radical Blogger really liked?

  • Header and Footer designs: I am not a pro at Photoshop but I had a lot of time when I designed the header (the one I used at the very first!) and the footer. At that time even, I had felt that the footer looked a lot better than the header image and so, I wanted to change it. Before I could do another design, I came across Prashant of FreeLansing, who seemed to be a source of undiscovered talent to me. Indeed he was, and he did a free good-looking logo for me that I now use. Though he still fails to beat the footer by me 😛 , I’d like to thank him for his service.
  • Feed Subscription options (i.e. in a reader or by email) are in just the correct place!
  • Sidebars: Les describes them as clean and clutter-free.
  • CSS: Les liked the well-written code and the use of relative units of measurement instead of absolute units, that implies the use of % units instead of exact pixel measurements.
  • Content: The content was found to be pretty good and the radical blogger sees potential in my blog.

So, Where Do I Suck?

  • English: Les had trouble comprehending some posts as the English was not great. English is not my first language! But excuses mean nothing when you fail. I’d like to thank the radical blogger, for without his pointing it out, I would not have known or understood the problem. I am in a process of gradual learning, and I try to learn with everything I can. I went through all of my posts today, twice, and recognized that I am not very good at the use of compound sentences. I will improve and try to give the best I can.
  • Page-Width: I had recently widened the website to 1024 pixels because the majority of InspiritBlog visitors use a minimum of 1024 pixels wide screen resolution. And hence, I thought it won’t be much of a problem to do some changes and I’d even get more space for the content container. I’d like to know what screen resolution Les uses and will accordingly optimize the website.

Thanks Les Scammell:
Your kind words will be an inspiration for me to do still better and your suggestions are just as valuable and important for me to help in my self-improvement. I’ll try to improve in every way I can so that my visitors don’t face any hardships while using Inspirit Blog.

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