I have lots of link love to spread around. Are you interested?

The idea is very simple.

  • Subscribe to my RSS feed by e-mail.
  • Stumble The Homepage and Stumble this post.
  • Leave a comment with blog/blog-post you want to promote.
  • Write about this promotion offer at your blog in a new post. Even Speed-Linking will do.

I will add the link you submitted to the footer of my future blog posts as a sponsor link. There will be 3 different sponsor links at the end of each post, each link from a different blog. Links will not be repeated, so you have the advantage of submitting different posts each time. Keep the links to your favorite posts coming. I’ll make a priority list in the order of submission and will keep adding from it.

So, help me fast and let me help you, as well 😉

4 thoughts on “Promote Your Blog: Sponsor My Posts for FREE! Get Free Links to Your Blog/Posts

  1. I like this idea. I think that it is creative. I have looked around your site and I think it is worth stumbling as well. Sign me up.

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