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I just got to know about the Google Page Rank update that started a few hours ago (on 30th April, 2008 that is!) and so, I enabled the Google Toolbar to see if there was any change for Inspirit. Actually I wasn’t expecting to see any change as this had been a very lazy month and I didn’t see much traffic or backlinks even.

Also, my Page Rank had not got better when I was literally doing good with the blog earlier. However, with this update, the Google Page Rank for Inspirit has shot up to 4/10 from 0/10. I am quite amazed and mighty glad about that.

I have confirmed a PR 4 for my blog from the Google Toolbar, a few dozen friends in various countries and also from one web service that I randomly stumbled upon. However many other services are still showing PR 0. One such page rank checking service is showing PR 4 for (without the WWW) while PR 0 for ! That might be because these services haven’t yet updated with Google. I just hope so 😛

Inspirit Blog - Google Page Rank 4 | PR 4

It took me a little more than 4 months to get a PR and anyway achieving PR 4 is a great news that I am going to celebrate. 😀

Besides the Google Page Rank, at this moment Alexa traffic ranking for this blog is 167,493 and Site-Rank is 2.228. I will be working hard to better up all my statistics after I am done with my practical tests and exams through this month 🙂

8 thoughts on “Google Page Rank (Google PR) Update for Inspirit Blog

  1. Congrats abhinavsood it’s hard work and seems to be well deserved! Keep up the great work!

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  2. Google Pagerank updated are started? I heard quite number of people taking about this, but i do not see any changing of my blog, still in PR4.
    Anyway, congratulation for the PR increasement

  3. Congratulations. My blog is still PR0. Before it is 3 then 0 then now still 0.. I hope Google update my PR. I want better PR

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  4. That’s a great jump in PR! What techniques have you been using to try to increase it?

    Lisas last blog post..My Attempt at Making a Miracle Happen

  5. Hey thanks a lot everybody.. And congratulations to all others who have seen positive jumps in their Google Page Rank, as well. Wish you all luck and success.

    @Lisa: If you observe my blog over the last two months, I haven’t been very regular in publishing blog posts… I have done nothing much else than writing in the best way I can, whenever I could find the time to write. Ethical Marketing of your blog and link-worthy quality content is the key to any blogger’s success.

    @Will: I have to the EditComments plugin installed at my blog! In fact, that is what I use to remove spammy links from my comments and to straighten out typos. Is anyone else facing this problem while submitting a comment? I hope not.

    And yeah, I was pondering over how this could happen that blogs that have little or no backlinks and those that are updated once in months are enjoying a page rank of 2 to 3.

  6. Abhinav, you mention two separate listings for your blog:
    “One such page rank checking service is showing PR 4 for (without the WWW) while PR 0 for !”

    Have you thought about redirecting to the no-www (or vice versa)? Visitors would still find you through either address, in existing backlinks and bookmarks – but you wouldn’t be effectively “competing against yourself” in the search engines. I’m not convinced that PR has weight, but the ability of readers to find your blog in the SERPs most certainly does.

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