With the recent Google Page Rank Update, my Google PR jumped from 0 to 4. This update has been a similar treat for a few other blogs that I read often, like Net Entrepreneur (Alex) and Untwisted Vortex (RT Cunningham). However brief discussions with Will Taft (Will Taft’s Blog) over IM and some comments to my previous post about the PR update for Inspirit made me think if this PR update by Google really makes any serious sense or not?

I observed the PR for a few sites that get much more traffic than my blog, are much more popular and have much more backlinks pointing to them than my blog. Here are some statistics that I’d like you to take a look at for a moment:

Website Alexa
Traffic Rank
Page Rank
Blogging Zoom 91,019 105,000 21,296 4
Blog Engage 99,048 33,400 9,448 3
Post on Fire 111,689 14,200 2,981 4
Inspirit 167,493 800 1,067 4

With the poorest Alexa traffic rank and with the least number of Yahoo and Google backlinks out of all these websites, they stand at either the same level as me, or below!

Page Rank is the Google’s view of importance of a web page. The number of Yahoo and Google backlinks pointing to Inspirit is not even 10 % of the backlinks pointing to Blogging Zoom. Even then, is Blogging Zoom more or less of same importance as Inspirit Blog in Google’s View?

Google Page Rank means anything,anymore?

Will had a good point about Google Page Rank system being watered down in his comment to my previous post. “Another Pointless Blog” in my blog-roll has only 3 posts in the last 3 months, two out of which are guest posts by me! Still that blog has managed to get a PR 2 status.

I was quite excited about getting a good Page Rank for my blog and hope to get some more search engine traffic from this. But do you think seeing all this happen, anyone will take this PR update or the whole Page Rank thing itself, seriously? I highly doubt it.

42 thoughts on “Does the Google Page Rank Really Mean Anything, Anymore?

  1. I noticed that with a pagerank 2 I get my pages indexed faster. Maybe if you have higher pagerank you get indexed quicker.

    I posted yesterday and was listed in google today for my long tail keyword phrase.

    Another great post.

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  2. As long as you have a blog and have some ping sites set up you get indexed in like an hour.

  3. It is confusing. There are also some sites that make me wonder if there is a penalty involved or something. For example, the ProBlogger site is PR 6. Is that site really only one rank better than my humble blog at PR 5? If I am a 5, I would expect ProBlogger to be at least 7 or 8?

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  4. I was happy that my page rank went from 2 to 4. But it’s probably irrational – bloggers don’t seem to believe in page rank terribly much (I’m not sure alexa and the others are much better). When I get a huge spike in traffic due to a stumble it doesn’t seem to shift the ranking of any of them much, which seems strange.

    People seem to believe more in google analytics.

    I guess we really need some very good techie person to explain what is really going on.

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  5. I wouldn’t say Alexa is much better.. but I’d say its getting better.. What we really need to understand is that unless we are wrong if we think that we really understand metrics like Google PR and use them to our benefit. All that, that can help us to make it big in the blogosphere is to just keep working on what we write and market it ethically without caring much for various ranks and levels we crack.

    Do appreciate positive changes for your blog but don’t get carried away by them. To me, these don’t really mean much anymore!

  6. I came to the conclusion about 2 years ago that PR had almost no correlation with rankings or Google traffic.

    Now it just seems Google is using it as a means to confuse webmasters and to incite FUD over link selling.

  7. Eh, I wrote about “Pagerank is just a number, who cares?” a while back at Google PR is just a number. Who cares?

    And I agree with you, it’s becoming worthless as time goes on. I mean, I have a blog that was recently given a PR3 and I haven’t updated anything since… December. Matter of fact, it barely has backlinks so how the hell did I end up with a PR3?!


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  8. Mine hasn’t been updated yet.. I wonder if it will get updated at all. Oh well, as you said, who cares?

    As long as my posts get good PR for search engine results, who cares about my main blog?

    Michael Aulias last blog post..Stickman (a.k.a Happy Kids) Webcam Review

    1. I’m having my site at pr 0 – no changes whatsoever, although many of my sites had a sudden pr increase (on the other hand, some had a decrease – all the way to 0).

      I don’t know what to do, or if I should do anything at all?

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  9. Points are so nice. Useful information is provided for bloggers, web masters and SEO experts. I am going to implement all your tips at my site. This is really fantastic.

  10. I think pr depends on keywords in some way. Not sure how but some sites get ranked very well for little amount of links. I know one thing page rank helps but i would always rather have good search engine results or serp for the keywords i want than a pr6 page that is not listed for keyword terms.

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  11. I think that Google re-visit your website more when the Page Rank is higher. It is also have an advantage in the search results. But it is not the most important factor today. And the way it is caculated is changing all the time.

  12. If you updated your blog on a regular basis with useful content, you should have little problem ranking well in Google and other search engines.

  13. I saw your PR is down to 2. Do you have any idea why that happened? I mean, I’m pretty sure you have more links pointing to your blog now than you had in May last year.

    I would be really curious to know how the different page rank affected your traffic. I still believe that PR is important, but I would like to know a correlation between a PR and traffic. That’s what this blog is about after all.

  14. I don’t believe PR is weighed heavily in the algorithm anymore. More important is the anchor text and quality of your backlinks which pertain to the keyword that you are searching.

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  15. Someone mentioned earlier that Google indexes sites that have higher PR. That’s not true!

    I am actually finding lately that Google seems to be counting link popularity more than PR.

  16. I am coming across more and more posts on blogs, forums and websites about this subject. I think the reason for this is that I have found that Google places more emphasis on link popularity now than on page rank. After years of everyone going after PR Google has probably had to dampen the effect in order to maintain relevant results.


  17. Google’s Page Rank has lost a lot of validity, however, I think that it’s still a good general measuring stick for the strength or influance of your website. It’s not completely worthless.

  18. PageRank(PR) can be used partly to evaluate a website’s importance and indicate its link popularity. For example if you check high PageRank sites, usually you will see lots of backlinks. So it can give you an idea whether a website is worth it or not. But lower PR sites can also have more backlinks than higher PR sites as lower PR doesn’t necessarily mean less backlinks. So relying only on that little green bar is not conducive to judging a website’s quality. Lower PR sites are also of value as well as they can get loads of traffic even with a smaller green bar. PR is only one of the measures to analyze a site and is not the end of all.

  19. PageRank does matter but now what matters most for people who are targeting some traffic is SERPs, they matter a lot and then PageRank. Anyways if you’ve got a good PR, thats great and now make sure you’ve got somewhere near your competitors SERPs or even better.

  20. It seems a lot of people don’t think page rank is that important these days and I’m inclined to agree. It often doesn’t correlate with the SERPS, with low PR sites ranking better than high PR sites. It’s probably one of many things google considers. So it can help, but doesn’t neccessarily help that much. I do think it’s better to get backlinks from high PR sites if you can.

  21. Hey, this is a bit irrelevant, but I noticed your blog page loaded lightning fast compared to mine. So I was wondering are you using dedicated hosting or shared hosting? thanks.

  22. Google’s Page Rank has lost a lot of validity, however, I think that it’s still a good general measuring stick for the strength or influance of your website.

  23. then why my pagerank is getting down?
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  24. Yes, it is a bit strange that the site with the lowest links and alexa rank is still a page rank 4 when the others sites have more links etc and are also page rank 4. Maybe there are other factors that contribute highly to what page rank a site is?

  25. Google page rank always put some extra wait on value of your site. The web master always tries to exchange their link with high rank web page or blog. And it affects good result on search engine result page. Google page rank is also called page rank. I always try to get more page rank for my Blog and Websites.

  26. I never appreciate alexa much because getting a good alexa rank is much easy. Simply you have install the alexa tool bar that’s all you rank will pop up day by day sure. But the Google page rank is always mater and its depends on volume of your site that means how informative your site is.

  27. I have a program called traffictravis that list the top
    20 sites for a keyword. In the list I have found PR 0
    at the list on some of the websites listed. I don’t
    feel a PR is necessary these days.
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