Google Page Rank (Google PR) Update for Inspirit Blog

Google Page Rank | Inspirit Blog | Google PR

I just got to know about the Google Page Rank update that started a few hours ago (on 30th April, 2008 that is!) and so, I enabled the Google Toolbar to see if there was any change for Inspirit. Actually I wasn’t expecting to see any change as this had been a very lazy month and I didn’t see much traffic or backlinks even.

Also, my Page Rank had not got better when I was literally doing good with the blog earlier. However, with this update, the Google Page Rank for Inspirit has shot up to 4/10 from 0/10. I am quite amazed and mighty glad about that.

I have confirmed a PR 4 for my blog from the Google Toolbar, a few dozen friends in various countries and also from one web service that I randomly stumbled upon. However many other services are still showing PR 0. One such page rank checking service is showing PR 4 for (without the WWW) while PR 0 for ! That might be because these services haven’t yet updated with Google. I just hope so 😛

Inspirit Blog - Google Page Rank 4 | PR 4

It took me a little more than 4 months to get a PR and anyway achieving PR 4 is a great news that I am going to celebrate. 😀

Besides the Google Page Rank, at this moment Alexa traffic ranking for this blog is 167,493 and Site-Rank is 2.228. I will be working hard to better up all my statistics after I am done with my practical tests and exams through this month 🙂