What is PayPerPlay?

All of you must have heard of PayPerPlay by this time. Its not news anymore. For those who don’t know, PayPerPlay is an advertising program, that requires you to put your unique ad code in your blog template that will play audio ads for every visitor on your website/blog. There is no clicking involved at any point of generating revenue for you, as you are paid every time an audio ad is played on your website, that simply means each visit on your site pays you! Besides the audio-ads concept of revenue generation, you can promote the program using your referral link and earn more money by bringing in, more affiliates and partners for the program.

Should you be using PayPerPlay?

Talking about myself, I have never liked any websites that start playing music or “promotional lectures” when loaded. It is so un-cool to play voices when you are casually surfing with your own kind of music playing in your favorite media player.It will be such an irritation to keep on hearing coarse voices every time you visit a site of interest with PPP audio-ad code installed. And what when you visit 10 websites in a day and 8 out of them play these kind of audio ads?

While this can be a good source of revenue as no clicking is involved anywhere, but I wont like to hear silly voices that I will not be interested in, often. It would be impossible to tolerate voice ads when I view my own website again and again when I am playing with my theme and widgets. And certainly not possible to manually remove-and-insert ad code every other while!

Similar is the opinion of majority of people I came across in a discussion on PP, on various forums.

Will you be using PPP?

PayPerPlay wants me to be dishonest !

I had signed up for PPP a while ago, on the request of a friend through his referral ID. I got my own referral link on signing up and added one of my blogs and installed the add code, just for testing it as I am not going to use PPP in any way. Yesterday, I got an email from PPP that asks me to be dishonest with my readers.

PPP: You May Be Losing Your Sign-Ups

Hello Abhinav,

… some text … some text … some text …

The reason I bring this up is because the only way that
sellingppp.com would get any traffic is because of you.
With this fact in mind we find it interesting that we
continue to get sign-ups by the thousands under the main
account. Very little traffic comes from the search engines,
the rest is coming from affiliates.

The point I am trying to make is the only way we could be
getting that many direct sign-ups is because people are
ripping the affiliate ID off of affiliate links and just
going straight to sellingppp.com and bypassing the affiliate
all together.

This is a strong case for the fact that you should

“absolutely” cloak your affiliate link.

This is just a heads-up … If you are not cloaking then
you are losing sign-ups.

A free tutorial on cloaking your affiliate link is
available here:

If you already have a web host then you should take the
time to get your affiliate link cloaked. It only takes a
few minutes.

If you don’t have a web host or your own PPP domain name
then we will set everything up for you at a price that
is lower than you can find anywhere else for similar
services. Further, we will set up your website, email and
cloaking for you.

PPP is in its beta currently and is gathering affiliates from the referrals its members are making. When I had talked about Getting 1 Million Real Visitors in NEXT 30 Days, I had clearly mentioned that the link I have used in my entire post is a referral link, to the T2000Ultra network.

I am not tricking my readers into a fraud that I should cloak my links. I have always been honest in everything that I have talked about on my blog. And it is certainly of no use to cloak links and push unwilling readers into any of the networks. And if they are willing to enjoy the benefits that a website talks about, they will even join with the referral link, no matter what… This is not a very appreciable approach to building a base, by PPP! And its discouraging me further from using PayPerPlay anytime in future.

Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment.

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  4. There are some users on the internet who would delete the referral ID from an URL where they can sign up to a service. The minority who do this bypass the referrers’ hard work and damage their livelihood.

    Cloaking an affiliate URL is not fraud, it is protection against users not knowing what that extra bit in the URL does and then removing it resulting in someone not getting their fair share.

  5. Wow, thanks for talking about that cloaking thing they mentioned. I’ve still been in the process of determining if I want to use them or not as well, and I think this has actually made my mind up as well…as like you, I do not like to be dishonest with my readers (or anyone for that matter).

    Now I gotta go look through my spam mail to see if I got a similar email.

  6. maybe can be worked out somehow if you realy want to use PPP..

    mr.eimss last blog post..Coronary Artery Disease – the leading cause of heart attacks

  7. I signed up, but the code is not working. Guess that’s a good thing, screamer ads are a big turn down. Are they going to add a mute button? 😀

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