I am quite free these days, and this is the time when I can comfortably and deeply read through your blog and take a better look at designs. If you haven’t yet submitted your blogs for a free review, then you are missing something. Besides getting honest opinion on your blog’s look and feel, content and usability; you get free link to your blog through my post, that gives you more technorati blog reactions and hence a better authority, which will greatly help you in improving your blog’s ranking in search engines.

I have just designed this badge, that you can use to link to your blog’s review at Inspirit. I’ll include the code that will link to your blog’s review, with this graphic image attached; which you can directly use on your blog by inserting it in the blog template, or a blog post.

Off-Beat: I have rescheduled my plan to go hiking, and postponed it to 5th of February. I am enjoying reading your blogs, some of which are very resourceful & informative, while the others are funny and entertaining. It’d be so much better, if I take a break just before my college starts from 12 or 13th of next month.

Just hang on tight! I’ll be right back with todays’ reviews, while you can navigate through the blog for some awesome content.


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