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Mechatronics is the synergistic combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and software engineering. The purpose of this interdisciplinary engineering field is the study of automata from an engineering perspective and serves the purposes of controlling advanced hybrid systems. The word itself is a portmanteau of ‘Mechanics’ and ‘Electronics’.

Don’t be deceived; this blog is nothing about this field of engineering, but more of a personal blog with Aravindhan’s random rumbles about anything that he comes across in his everyday life, be it blogs or general computing, or anything about bikes and cars.

Reading the blog, right from the tag-line gives you an impression that whatever you’d read won’t be grammatically very sound. The tag-line is relevant to the name of the blog, but the look and feel is not. The blog uses a plain template from FinalSense[dot]Com. The “Main Menu” that you see above the sidebar is a part of the header image, which means that any changes made to the sidebar width will lead to a mismatch with the header. The header image, even, does not match with the theme depicted by the name of blog and the tag-line with those logs of wood. A change of template is recommended.

The tone of content is personal in nature, and uses SMS-speak widely. I find it difficult to comprehend some of the posts but because English is not my first language as well, I can make sense and meaning of most of the part from the way I used such language at some of my first-time-blogs. I recommend that the author should use the spell-check feature in his favorite word processor & take care of the Grammar and Punctuation while writing.

The “click and make money” part in the sidebar can get you sacked Aravindhan! Bidvertiser doesn’t appreciate directing readers to your ads in any way, either. This is way too direct! & completely against your idea you put forward in your comment to the post about clicking your own adsense and getting spared by google.

To be honest, the only thing I liked in Mechatronyx is the clock in the sidebar! Not a great blog to read and needs much improvement to be more useful to the readers out of Aravindhan’s own circle.

6 thoughts on “Blog Review – Mechatronyx

    1. I am more than glad, you took the review positively.

      If you want to get the attention of people to your blog, read this review three times again! Then pledge to work out on everything pointed out in the negative,here, seriously. And finally, just do it.

      I can help you further with some other important things, just catch me at my email address.

  1. Have you noticed an increase in the number of comments since installed KeywordLuv? I’ve been considering using it on a blog I own and need some honest feedback.

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