Reality Rollcall is a blog hosted on WordPress[dot]Com, that talks about Reality TV and brings reviews, updates, opinions and latest news from the industry in a way that is fun and informative all the way.

The blog is uses a fluid-width three-column theme by Andreas Viklund. Did anyone notice the micro-size image, a smiley, right at the bottom of the blog, below the theme-author information? I personally like 3-columned themes, because they offer better usability as the content can be neatly and effectively categorized and shown up, in two sidebars. The content in the sidebars has been nicely organized with the long categories and Blog roll placed in the right and the smaller widgets like recent posts and comments, the calendar, and a drop-down archives unit are placed in the left sidebar. Fluid-width makes the blog fit across my wide-screen laptop display, very well.

The site statistics that are far below in the right sidebar can be placed higher just below the feed subscription options which are just at the right place. The numbers are high enough that you can display them at the recommended place proudly and grab readers’ attention. This minimizes the chance of it being left out of sight if someone arrived at any of your post directly and didn’t scroll too far down the long sidebar!

Our-Favorite-Orange-Button at the beginning of the left sidebar links to the homepage instead of the blog’s RSS feed, and is a point that can be taken care of. Someone might click on it to subscribe and not like it to do nothing but open the home page. To a casual-not-careful eye, the search form may look like an email subscription form, so I recommend that you add a heading, indicating a search feature.

The header background is lined across, with the lighter sky blue lines on a darker shade background, which are just the size of a lowercase letter and sized with header-text and tag-line font-sizes in mind. Certainly, looks nice.

I myself don’t watch TV for months together (believe that!) but I must say the content is great and I really enjoyed reading through the previous entries, whole day long. In fact, I took a break, writing this post to read the differences between Reality shows and Game shows, that was published sometime when I went to the kitchen to get me a glass of water.

A very nice blog by Faith Whitfield and a must visit for any TV-junkie!

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