Yesterday night, or rather early morning today… The comments-system at Inspirit had gone haywire! Thanks to Will, who reported this problem in a BlogCatalog discussion at about 1 AM, as soon as he spotted it. The problem was with the Yet Another Threaded Comments Plugin (YATCP) which had an update pending, and I have no idea if it got de-activated by itself, or I did it half-asleep while playing with the plugin codes! But anyway, I was able to do a blog review later that could help the author, 2-3 hours later. There were no comments being displayed on the blog, and nor a comment form was visible anywhere. That was enough to give me a hint that YATCP wasn’t working because I hadn’t used a conditional code in the blog template that could shift to the normal commenting system if YATCP went missing. Had I done that, all the threaded comments would have, probably, been lost! The plugin’s now updated and the comment system is working fine.

Then the FeedCount chicklet disappeared from the right sidebar. I thought it was just my Internet connection that sucked as I could click the invisible space and reach the subscription options page! I sensed trouble when the I didn’t see the chicklet today, as well. Simply regenerating and re-pasting the code from FeedBurner dashboard helped. My FeedCount has risen to 67, a sharp 17 readers hike in a day. Thanks to all my readers who find my blog interesting and informative enough.

Freddy Duarte’s comment reminded me to change the feed address in the What Would Seth Godin Do‘s custom message. I was a stupid enough not to realize it earlier, and helpless as well because WWSGD shows the custom message only to new visitors and …LOL… I am not one. The issue is now resolved and the feed address in the custom Subscription message should now be working fine. If you find any problem, please report it as soon as possible.

I just wish myself a great today!


2 thoughts on “It was a Bag-full of Problems at Inspirit, Yesterday!

    1. Freddy just reported that the reply button next that shows next to each comment isn’t working either!
      Man! I will have to mess up with the YATCP core again. I can’t wait till the plugin author debugs and releases the next stable release, after being reported!

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