Moolanomy is a personal finance blog by 34-year old Pinyo Bhulipongsanon who works as an IT manager in Brooklyn,NY. Pinyo talks about effective ways of investment, finance and building wealth to achieve financial goals. So if you are looking for ways to steer clear out of debt, plan investments, find ways to save and grow your money, then reading Moolanomy or the Science of Money can be a very informative experience. I believe this blog is a great resource and you can greatly benefit from it, if you take and practise, what Moolanomy Disclaimer calls content-for-general-information-purposes-only, wisely!

The blog uses a simple 3-column Freedom Green Widget ready theme by Tina Silva, & SEO by Court’s Internet Marketing School. The 829-subscribers strong readership (FeedCount) and the interviews and reviews of Moolanomy linked to at the end of the About page, speak volumes, in positive, about the content of the blog. The sidebars are neatly organized, both to the right of the content container. The blog-posts have been neatly bundled into categories and sub-categories, and are easily accessible from the extreme-right sidebar. The navigation bar is simple in design, and very usable with links to everything that should be made accessible through a navigation bar.

Overall, the blog’s look & feel is impressive and the content & its usability is awesome. I’d rate it as a 9.5/10 blog. My only suggestion would be to paginate posts, as the average length of a post is quite much and makes the homepage a bit too long if the posts are not paginated, such that the sidebars end quite early but the footer section gets buried too deep, down below and risks a chance to go un-noticed.

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5 thoughts on “Blog Review – Moolanomy

  1. your blog came to my attention by word-of-mouth, and I was skeptical at first. So I visit your blog… And i think that this is really a nice blog!
    I really liked your blog!

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