Being A BloggerThe BrandMyBlog network was launched in august 2006 with the intention of making it easier for bloggers to get high-quality readers. The service is operated from Copenhagen (Denmark) by a group of 5-people who love to call themselves, “a finely balanced 5- people group of entrepreneurs, bloggers and programmers.”Widget

BrandMyBlog looked as promising a service as BlogRush promised to be, before it actually started and we could get an idea what it actually was going to do for our blogs. I made my mind to sign up for the service as it is FREE and I had just done MyBlogLog VS BlogCatalog VS BlogRush Comparison Test, so I thought of testing this service as well. The sign-up procedure took less than 3 minutes, and the code generated was a very short line, that when placed in the side-bar shows a widget as shown in the screen shot alongside.

How Does It Work?

Its all in the widget. The Learn More page of the website says,

The idea is simple; we provide a free opportunity for you being a blogger to refer your readers to other blogs which publish something related to your own blog. In return, you get more interesting content on your blog, and you get your own posts exposed on thousands of other blogs similar to yours. Our blogroll includes 3 blog-resumes which means that everytime a person load a page on your blog, you get your own blog-resume shown at 3 other blogs all around the world.

What Does It Mean?

This very clearly means that the widget installed by the code generated at the website should be a dynamic blogroll that displays different posts from blogs with relevant niches.

My Experience With It:::

Since the very day I installed the widget in my sidebar, it has been as static as dead. The same 2 posts get displayed with the same links to same blogs, always. This was enough for me to infer that the system actually did nothing more than just SUCK!

But still, I had to monitor if it was ever showing me at someone’s blog like the two blogs that displayed in my widget. So I didn’t remove the widget and didn’t delete my account from the service. I had been checking my stats periodically since a few days and what it shows me is presented below.

Stats for InspiritBlog | BrandMyBlog

Damn! I gave the widget 2940 views, and gave 3 network referrers for a rather miserable ZERO received network views and referrers.

My Review:::

To sum up, BrandmyBlog is no more than a piece of SHIT! A total failure and waste of time.

If you are thinking about using any such service for Blog-Promotion to make money online by increasing the exposure to your blog-posts and/or your blog; DON’T USE BrandMyBlog!

In fact, BlogRush was far more loving and giving!


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