In 2007, there had been many first-time, first-hand experiences for me. Tomorrow’s my Engineering Drawing (E.D.) exam, and I have almost nothing in my head. I have tried to do everything that I can to get some of those “technically graphical” concepts into my peanut-brain through the thick head, but it’s not helping me. So, I decided to take a stroll down the memory lane, into 2007, and make a list of all my new experiences in the radical year and then, on that, base some targets and set goals that I want to achieve. I hadn’t been able to do this at the time of “Happy New Year 2008” because my exams started from the 2nd of January, itself.

First, let us have a look at some of the first-time experiences with me, that I talked about above.

  • I passed my 12th grade (Non Medical) and for the first-time experienced how it feels to get rid of school forever; where I had to study the subjects that I never liked because the education AUTHORITY, the Indian Education System, wants us to do so. We have to study subjects like physics & chemistry, etc. and have to clear engineering exams based on these to get into streams that don’t involve these in any way! I am currently a Computer Science & Engineering student and I didn’t have computers as a subject in the last two years of school, nor did any of the entrance exams that I cleared for this course had anything to do with computers.
  • For the first time in my life, I entered a college. My college is located near the City Beautiful- Chandigarh, and is an awesome place. A campus bigger than any of the schools I ever attended, faculty with more experience and knowledge than the school-teachers I have known, a really close-to-the-heart group of friends and very big laboratories are a first-time experience. Then, mass-bunks are a entirely new concept to me. For the first time, I made some amount of AUTHORITY for myself in my class, shunning my finger-on-your-lips kind image at school. Its great to be a central figure.
  • I bought a domain for myself, for the first time; & also moved to a self-hosted blog for the first-time. I felt a little AUTHORITY over my fellows who are still stuck at blogs hosted on Blogger or WordPress. Also, I managed to get as much number of average visitors a day, as much I couldn’t gather on my most successful post ever at the other blogs, and I have managed to get as much readers in about a month, as much I couldn’t have the whole year! So, in 2007 I was on a new way of learning and the time to start implementing what all I gained has started now.

There are many other such experiences, that I can cite, but let us keep it short.

What is Authority?

When I was thinking about all this today, I found a “common soul” linking all of these. The feeling of an upper-hand over the rest, a satisfying feeling of self-pride. The feeling of AUTHORITY! The dictionary meaning of the word “Authority” is:

The power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge. OR Confidence derived from experience or practice; firm self-assurance

So, gaining AUTHORITY is one of my (important) goals for this year. I am feeling very hungry for power and command; both online and off-line.

How do I want to achieve it:

  1. Off-Line
    • I am going to study harder, score better and be counted in the toppers’ list, as always except this first semester.
    • I am looking forward to find more time to spend with my friends, rather than being online 20 hours a day! I am going to call the meetings of The R.A.T.S, more frequently. The R.A.T.S. my group of friends at college. I am going to do more policy making and schedule OUR 2nd semester and 3rd semester.
  2. Online
    • I intend to participate, to the maximum extent that I can, in social networking online. I am going to promote Inspirit Blog very effectively. So, if you want to join me in any network for gaining some authority for yourself also, then just leave me a comment with your profile link at the social network.
    • I am thinking about some more link building strategies like the one Promote Your Blog: Sponsor My Posts for FREE! Get Free Links to Your Blog/Posts I offered. If you want a place in my BlogRoll, just leave your Name and a link to your Blog in the comments.
    • I am going to hold some blog-contests, later this year. So, it will be a good idea to subscribe to my RSS feed and get the updates right in your mailbox. Want me to subscribe to you? Subscribe to me and leave me a link to your feed in the comments.
    • I’ll be trying out some new services and review them later and also share my experiences with the services that I am already using with my readers.

I hope to cultivate a healthy and active readership community for Inspirit Blog and thus create an AUTHORITY for my blog and myself, as a blogger, as well. And if you need any help with establishing your authority, on the internet then just drop me a comment. I’ll try to help you in every possible way I can.


3 thoughts on “AUTHORITY: My first goal for 2008

  1. I’ve been seeing you grow your blog with passion and such “inspirit” within your life. Your positive prespective somehow give your blog a reflection of yourself…
    Have a nice day Abhiiiii ;p

  2. This post is really a must bookmarked for me! Thank you so much. 😀
    Can I check with you, do you use blogspot blogs? If so, can you provide more information on this? I am having problems changing the html codes or template. I am subscribed to your rss to check if you are going to post something o blogger. 🙂

  3. I have checked back on your blog a few times now because I find it very interesting and you certainly do command authority in your writing. 🙂
    will check back again soon for updates, thankyou

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