Past 3 days of Inactivity

My semester-one exams had started on 2nd of January and I already spoiled my mathematics exam (that was the first!) with all that time I spent on internet, when I should have been studying. And I wasted some more time after that. Uh! Blogging is such an addiction. But I studied for the 3 days that I have been inactive over the blog. And I am happy & confident that I’ll easily pass through yesterday’s exam, Elements Of Mechanical Engineering. I could never understand what do they want us to do by studying these irrelevant subjects. What is their use in a Computer Science and Engineering degree? Well, anyway. We are in a hell now and there’s no remedy to it. I simply will have to study these irrelevant subjects for the next semster even before I get my favorite applied courses in 2nd year of B.Tech.

By the way, I planned to write yesterday, but the whole afternoon was spent in sleeping as I needed a good dose of rest and in the evening some @$$hole spoiled my mood over the Yahoo messenger in the evening. He was a 3rd year student from a college in the city and had a real bad ego problem that I couldn’t help him with. I tried avoiding a chat after he had irritated me enough but the b@stard started spamming with IM. I reported him at last and blocked his IP, not considering that he was a friend’s friend. Whoever he was or whatever associations with my friends but I don’t really like entertaining dumb asses. I cannot work with this kind of shit on my head.

As for today, I plan to study for a few hours now as the next exam is Engineering Drawings on 16th, that I am poorest at. Its a good deal of days, you might be thinking, but when I couldn’t pack it in my head in 6 months of college, how the hell I am going to prepare in 6 days, I wonder. Then, I have to join a friend at a party late in the evening. We’ll have a drink or two with dinner, and then expect me to write something useful late at night according to the Indian Standard Time (GMT + 05.30 hours)

Till then, good day.
See ya’