“We have done it right and have no regrets about it”

These were the words of a terrorist, the only one who was caught alive out of all the terrorists involved in November 2008 Mumbai Terror Strike. This clearly shows that humanity in any form is totally unknown to these stone-hearted orthodox radicals who engage in heinous killings like this in the name of God!

I strongly condemn the terror attack on the largest city and financial capital of India in which over 170 people were killed and over 250 people injured some seriously. In the aftermath of this senseless tragedy, I pray to God to console all those who mourn and to grant them that spiritual strength which triumphs over violence by the power of forgiveness, hope, and reconciling love.

And I truly salute the brave commandos of National Security Guard who helped preventing the terrorists realize their plan to kill 5000 people in the city. Every Indian salutes the members of the bomb squads that helped diffuse the live RDX bombs that could have killed much more people after the 60 hours long battle with the terrorists was over at many upscale landmark destinations in Mumbai.

NSG Commandos landing on Nariman House rooftop

Any honor is not enough for these brave guardians of peace and harmony in India.

Brave Commandos take positions outside upscale Mumbai hotels during the terror strike

NSG commandos getting ready to battle the terrorists

How can the fire department, the paramedic and the medical staff be thanked who were the lifeline of rescue operations? And the man over the announcement mic at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, who cautioned people on platform no. 1 and alerted the GRPF jawans to analyze and react to the situation there and averted a huge loss of life, truly deserves a mention.

Fire Brigade in Action as the top floor of Hotel Taj Mahal Palace is set ablaze

May the departed souls rest in peace and the guilty be found out soon, tried and treated with the harshest punishment for their hairy actions. May the injured heal soon and peace and harmony be restored to the city of Mumbai and anywhere else where terror shows it ugly face now and then.


48 thoughts on “Inspirit Blog condemns November 2008 Mumbai Terror Strike

  1. I dont get the fact that why on this earth do these people think that killing homo sapiens would give them inner peace.
    This is ridiculous.
    I pity the victims and hope that these black hearted souls will not multiply in numbers.

  2. I wont ask why some people don’t love peace! Because their minds are totally inhuman and cant be forgiven. I salute and pay honor to the heroes who died while fighting the ugly terror!

  3. I strongly agree with the author of this post. I think it is very important not to forget in what kind of the world we live nowadays and try to do everything that’s possible to change it. When I lit the candles in the church, I lit them not only for my beloved ones, who are now not with me, but also for those innocent victims of terrorism, who sadly became marionettes in the sick political games. Like we all are in a way…

    About the terrorists… I despise them, because they are not humans any more. They are not even animals, they are scums and if there is a place worse than hell, they deserve to be there!!! I even more contemn those, who stand behind the backs of the terrorits, their leading sources. I think that everyone clearly understands why they are constantly attacking and killing innocent people. They want us to elect radicals similar to them as our presidents, in order to start the war, which I am pretty sure, they would loose. You ask me why? Because they are cowards. Its very easy to attack a person on his way to work in the morning, innocent women and children. If they want to fight, why they don’t attact the army, the people who know how to fight and can do it in an appropriate manner?

    I know that the analogy shows a viridity of intellection, but I can compare the terrorists only to people who beat their wives or children. The only difference is that if your husband hits you, you can run away, report him and get help.
    Unfortunatelly, nobody can escape the threat of terrorism. And even though terrorits attacks never happened in my country, me and the people I care about are not safe and an attact may be performed at the very moment while I am writing this comment.
    The only suggestion I can come up with is that everybody all over the world should unite against terrorism, and don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to report a suspicious person, don’t elect crazy radical as the president of your country. And the most important thing – don’t be afraid.

    Because only together we are strong…

  4. Dear Fauji Friends,

    Last week Maj Gen Joshi called on me. He was an esteemed instructor during our Degree Course days, and EME(Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) officers would remember him as one of our finest engineers. Indeed, he spent most of his time with the DRDO(Defence research and development organization). He was commissioned in Jun 1960 and was in the Eastern sector during the 1962 debacle. He has analyzed the event very systematically, and his study reveals the following :
    Pt Nehru, the architect of modern India suffered a severe stroke of depression from which he never quite recovered. He died in May 1964 at the comparatively young age of 73.
    VK Krishna Menon was removed from the post of Raksha Mantri for his incorrect assessment of the situation.
    Gen Thapar, the COAS(Chief of army staff) was sacked. The careers of Lt Gen Kaul and scores of other military officers took a “U” turn.
    A few thousand soldiers died; many more were wounded and some were taken prisoners.
    The psyche of the country received a severe blow. It was considered a ‘National Shame’
    The question he asked me was, “Who was the Defence Secretary? And what was the punishment meted out to him?”
    I have asked several friends and also surfed the Internet but I am unable to find an answer. In all probability nothing was done to him, because he had no role in this!
    Gen Joshi then took this discussion a step further. He observed that during the recent attack on Mumbai, dozens of soldiers and policemen have been killed. The whole nation is shaken. Mr Shivraj Patil has lost his prestigious job. The CM of Maharashtra has been axed and several heads in the government are likely to roll. Can some one tell us as to what action has been taken against the Union Home Secretary or the Chief Secretary of Maharashtra? (Thomas tells me that they will all be “promoted” soon though he does not know why).
    Having spent many years in and around the South Block, I marvel at the way our government has been structured. The Civil Servants rule the roost. In terms of promotions and status they are ahead of every one else by miles. They are central in the Pay Commission and the Cabinet Secretary is involved in every major decision making process. Yet, when things go wrong, they wash their hands off so clean that one wonders how!
    A slightly closer examination reveals the secret. I have figured it out this way:
    They never do anything themselves. They always find some one else to be the head, and they know how to reduce him to be a ‘figure head’. (In the Pay Commissions, they have a retired Judge). However they place themselves in a spot which has the maximum opportunity to influence matters.
    After the event, they never face the Press or the Media. Their role is amorphous.
    The senior amongst them rarely sign a letter or order. Our pension letter is signed by a Director, who is not directly recruited IAS officer. Only rarely do you find a paper signed by a Joint Secretary. Officers above that level do not sign any .
    They have a strong association. It protects the interests of its members dutifully and diligently.
    So we have our Defence headquarters in which the postings, promotions, rewards and punishments of all senior officers are controlled by the civil servants; and they also have the final say in the process of procurement of weapons and eqpt, but they are not “responsible” if things go wrong! It is authority without responsibility. (For those who may not know, a lowly officer in the MoD can have a Deputy Chief posted out, but a Service Chief can not get even a Desk Officer moved)
    When Gen Joshi left, I found myself perplexed. What sort of system have we evolved? And how has it survived all these years? It is a bit like a unit in which the clerks are running the unit and the CO is so dependent on the Head Clerk that he can not move without their help!
    Can some one give a cogent answer to the questions raised by Gen Joshi?
    Politicians wear the dress of the people they represent, to identify themselves with the masses. Soldiers and Policemen wear uniforms. Can some one tell what the Civil Servants wear? The answer came from the wag who said, “Civil servants wear thick skins”

  5. It was sad, the whole thing. It was quite unbelievable when we saw it on TV. The sheer blatant and audacity was astounding.

  6. I hereby represent the people of peace and harmony strongly condemn this cowardly attack on innocent civilians that do no harm.To think of this happening in Mumbai is insane enough.Why can’t the world be peace and happy for people to cherish their lifes in?I hope there is no repeat in the near future

  7. I agree, terrorism is awful. It makes no sense, and thats what makes it hard to combat. The firefighters and bomb squad are a shining beacon in this pit of darkness, they show us that there is hope and that people can be good.

  8. I really hate this. Terrorist attacks ruin so many good things, why can’t they be happy and treasure life and the earth, instead of blowing everything up? I really hope the world finds a way to resolve all the hate that runs rampant, and the sooner the better.

  9. We need to track down the leaders of these organizations and put them in jail. Without someone egging them on and recruiting, there would be a lot less of these types of incidents. What ever happened to turning the other cheek?

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  10. I agree wholeheartedly. This is such a barbaric act it’s horrifying. I was watching the tragedy on tv, praying for those lost in the attack. Also, despite what some might be saying, the soldiers, doctors and firemen that helped during and after the attack are real heroes, putting their lives in danger to save others.
    I salute them and pray for those that were hurt.

  11. I have to agree about the true heroes like the firemen, soldiers and doctors. It reaffirms my belief that there is hope for us yet that such people do exist.

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  12. Let’s only hope that hideous killings and attacks like these won’t happen again. People must be vigilant and help each other to avoid this from happening again.


  13. Like I’m also condemning such act!

    How on earth could they do such a thing?

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  14. A heinous act…that’s the nature of terrorism and all those who engage in such actions and beliefs. It’s sickening. Nuff said.

  15. This was a horrible event. You would question how any human being can be so full of hate, rage, anger, It all comes to this…Demons! Raging War against humans….killing for enjoyment! They will be in their final abode….HELL where they belong!
    God Bless you

  16. Hi, I must say it was very bad.
    This was a horrible event.
    They will be in their final abode… In HELL where they belong!

  17. Tamil rebels, Shining Path Guerrillas, Khmer Rouge, Black September, Bolsheviks, Jacobins, IRA, PLO, Nazis, Jihadists, KKK, Irgun, Black Panthers, Bajrang Dal, Posse Commitatus… on and on… how tragic for want of an ideology to reign blood on this planet. Evil dwells in us all… the difference is the level of frequency and the intensity that evil is demonstrated. May the victims of the Mumbai attack rest in peace.

  18. great job Melissa…
    you have pick the right topic so that the coming generation would understand and became aware of such attacks.

  19. Yes, this is the world we live in. Terrorists are growing in strenght because of being poor and uneducated, not because of God’s will. The longer their countries will be divided from the rest of the world the longer terror acts will appear.

  20. That is so sad.
    It just totally breaks my heart how people can let evil take over their minds.
    There are really no words for this barbarity 🙁
    All the best,
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  21. Hi ya when it was happened then i was shocked that India’s govt. nothing do for it.We also should to be aware towards it.

  22. Hi, as my response to this article, terrorism is getting worse and worse all over the place of the world. This people , this terrorist won’t stop until they know that they successfully killed numerous or even a thousand of people.. I am just wondering why they should do these such killing and chaos. What is there intent in doing this?, are they human or what?, I just don’t understand these kind of people.. They are inhumane.. I am with you who make this article.. Thanks..

  23. I condemn all those attack that makes us only fear more but also become more and more sure about a fact that terrorism is pure evil. For myself I feel that those guys need a lesson to learn. Maybe force is not the only way to prevent such actions but sometimes it is impossible to do anything more (especially in short period of time). So I think that sometimes we need to fight fire with fire.

  24. Terror attack has been one of the major problems we are experiencing today. There are so many innocents who suffered and died because of this inhuman act. I’m still hoping that this will end soon.

  25. To think of this happening in Mumbai is insane enough.Why can’t the world be peace and happy for people to cherish their lives in?I hope there is no repeat in the near future.

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