Inspirit Blog condemns November 2008 Mumbai Terror Strike

“We have done it right and have no regrets about it”

These were the words of a terrorist, the only one who was caught alive out of all the terrorists involved in November 2008 Mumbai Terror Strike. This clearly shows that humanity in any form is totally unknown to these stone-hearted orthodox radicals who engage in heinous killings like this in the name of God!

I strongly condemn the terror attack on the largest city and financial capital of India in which over 170 people were killed and over 250 people injured some seriously. In the aftermath of this senseless tragedy, I pray to God to console all those who mourn and to grant them that spiritual strength which triumphs over violence by the power of forgiveness, hope, and reconciling love.

And I truly salute the brave commandos of National Security Guard who helped preventing the terrorists realize their plan to kill 5000 people in the city. Every Indian salutes the members of the bomb squads that helped diffuse the live RDX bombs that could have killed much more people after the 60 hours long battle with the terrorists was over at many upscale landmark destinations in Mumbai.

NSG Commandos landing on Nariman House rooftop

Any honor is not enough for these brave guardians of peace and harmony in India.

Brave Commandos take positions outside upscale Mumbai hotels during the terror strike

NSG commandos getting ready to battle the terrorists

How can the fire department, the paramedic and the medical staff be thanked who were the lifeline of rescue operations? And the man over the announcement mic at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, who cautioned people on platform no. 1 and alerted the GRPF jawans to analyze and react to the situation there and averted a huge loss of life, truly deserves a mention.

Fire Brigade in Action as the top floor of Hotel Taj Mahal Palace is set ablaze

May the departed souls rest in peace and the guilty be found out soon, tried and treated with the harshest punishment for their hairy actions. May the injured heal soon and peace and harmony be restored to the city of Mumbai and anywhere else where terror shows it ugly face now and then.