I have been living away from Hoshiarpur city, my beloved home-town for about 14 years now. I wrote this blog post about Hoshiarpur over a decade ago. I hope you enjoy reading about my city. Also check out my recent post, ‘In Fond Memory of my Birthplace’, a beautiful Hindi poem about Hoshiarpur city.

Hoshiarpur in Punjab state, India

About City of Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Hoshiarpur is a city and a municipal council in Hoshiarpur district in the Indian state of Punjab. It was founded, according to tradition, during the early part of the 4th century. In 1809 it was occupied by the forces of Maharaja Karanvir Singh and was united under the greater state of Punjab. Hoshiarpur is also known as an ancient manufacturing town where colorful lacquer (formerly ivory) finished plastic inlay furniture is made.

Hoshiarpur is also known as City of Saints as many of great saints belong to this city. Hoshiarpur district has the largest number of villages in Punjab state under its administration, but the city is well known for its highly developed urban culture and sense. Did you know that Hoshiar is a Hindi (and Punjabi) word that means Intelligent and Alert?

Notable People from Hoshiarpur

You got to believe this.

  • Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India is the alumni of the Government College, Hoshiarpur.
  • Lord Swaraj Paul, a successful businessman from United Kingdom belongs to this district.
  • Noted Punjabi Folk and popular singer Manmohan Waris is from Halluwal village in this district.
  • Famous Punjabi music director Sukshinder Shinda belongs to a village called Dhmiya in Hoshiarpor district.
  • Noted Punjabi Folk and popular singer Late Kulwinder Dhillon was born and brought up in this district.
  • Noted Punjabi Folk and popular singer Shankar Shawney is from Kamalpur area of the city.
  • Former Pakistani air force Chief Kaleem Sadaat belonged to this city.
  • J.P.SINGH, the only Sikh businessman in Chile, South America.
  • Mogambo or Amrish Puri, a noted artist in Bollywood, had studied at D.A.V. College Hoshiarpur.
  • Former President of India, Late Giani Zail Singh, was associated with Hoshiarpur for a good period of his life.
  • Shri Hari a great saint belonged to this district. One of area in the city is named after his name i.e. Hari Nagar.
  • Gauri Khan (Chhibber) wife of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was born in Hoshiarpur. Her father moved to Delhi when she was a kid. Her cousins still live in Hoshiarpur.
  • Sant Baba Jawala Singh Ji lived in village Harkhowal, near Hoshiarpur, for a good period of his life.
  • Bollywood Actors Avinash Wadhawan & Upasna Singh belongs to Hoshiarpur


As of 2001 India census, Hoshiarpur had a population of 148,243. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Hoshiarpur has an average literacy rate of 78%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 81%, and female literacy is 76%. In Hoshiarpur, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.

* Female per 1000 males –  935 – which is quite better than the rest of the state
* Density of population (per km²) – 439
* Percentage increase in population (1991-2001) – 13.81

Climate of Hoshiarpur

The district of Hoshiarpur has a mild climate compared to other districts in the state of Punjab. Much of this is due to the abundance of hilly terrain and sizeable forest cover. Temperatures drop as low as -5oC in the winter while the mercury is known to cross 45 °C in hot summer months of May and June.

The pattern of seasons in the district is similar to that of other districts in Punjab, except slight variations at the terminals. The year may be divided into three main seasons in the district of Hoshiarpur. The summer season lasts from April to June followed by the rainy season (July to September end) during which time it becomes hot and humid. The winter season starts after the rains are over from October and lasts up until March’s end.


75% of the rainfall is experienced within the period between July and September. 15% of the total rainfall is experienced in the winter months of January and February during which time the climate is under the influence of western disturbances in the Persian Gulf. Hail storms may occur in the closing period of winter. (It’s raining outside as I am writing this – from the monsoon that set in early, this year in North India.)


This is the tastiest part of this post – 😀 – Farming is practiced in villages bordering the city (Hoshiarpur has the largest number of villages in Punjab state). The local climate is very suitable for citrus fruit cultivation and a large area is covered with the same. Although, Hoshiarpur has always been known for the distinctive variety of Mangoes – as is referred in this popular Punjabi song: “Ambiyaan nu tarsengi chadd ke des doaba.”

All in all, my home is in a wonderful city. Being the main city of Hoshiarpur district, it is better developed than surrounding regions. Eating joints across the Mall Road, the well planned and developed Civil Lines area, the markets, newly set up retail stores and shopping malls will always keep you engaged. Every time I visit home, I feel more secure and loved than anywhere else in this world. Everyone is social and caring, and while the night life is not flashy, it is still quite enjoyable.

Home Sweet Home!

112 thoughts on “Hoshiarpur – The City of Saints

  1. good man….quite a no. of personalities coming from hoshiarpur….it seems to be quite a famous city…….

    1. Yes, Hoshiarpur has given quite a good number of gems to this world. This city is quite popular in India and around the World- for an ancient literature and science called Bhrigu Samhita, apart from all that I told you above 🙂

  2. I have been born and brought up in Hoshiarpur. I am in Canada for quite a while now. I still love this city. Just adding some more to the above list. Baijubabra, the renowned singer also belonged to Hoshiarpur and my Grandfather Dr.Shyam Dev Parashar who had won the Sahitya Kala Academy award for 1997 belonged to Hoshiarpur too.

  3. I have been born and spent my childhood in Hoshiarpur. I am in Ambala for quite a while now. I still love this city. Just adding some more to the above list as (Mr.Premchand Dogra(Mr.Universe), Ms.Monika Bedi, the renowned Actress (Chebbewal village),Sant Anoop Singh Una Sahibwale) all these people belong to hoshiarpur.
    I love my city Specially Chohal.

    1. Nice to know, Sukhdev.
      Hope you have an as prosperous life in Ambala (Haryana) as you can could have in Hoshiarpur City.

      And thanks for adding up to the list of great people born in Hoshiarpur city.

      1. Hello Mr sood ,
        I would be glad to tell you that famous musician Ustaad Hari Sen among nine gems of akbar also belongs to hariana near hoshiarpur and Debi Makhsoospuri famous punjabi writer is also from Makhsoospur Village in Hoshiarpur distt,freedom fighter who got sazzae kala pani Pt Jagat Ram harianvi also belongs to hoshiarpur distt.

    1. Bhrigu Shastra Readers are located somewhere near the railway station. I have never been to the “Dhaam” because I have never tried to find my “page of life” there. Have thought of it quite some times, but didn’t really go.

      1. you shoud really go there…tough i havent seen rest of hoshiarpur.i hav been visiting the brighu dham since last 12 years once in every 3 months..inspite of me living in gujarat!its really great …try it!

        1. where is bhrigu dham.do they have the bhrigu leaves .i am ready to go to hoshiarpur for the reading.pl,help

      2. can u please guide me about bhrigu in hoshiarpur.my mother visited hoshiarpur in 1957 for bhrigu and got the leaf read which is more than truth even the death time.i request all readers to guide me the source where i can get the bhrigu reading done.thanks

        1. Dr. Pt. Ratish Mohan Sharma
          “BHRIGU DHAM”
          57, Railway Mandi
          Punjab – 146001 (INDIA)
          Phone: 01882-252114

          You might want to phone them to confirm the address first.

  4. Hoshiarpur is my town. I was born in Hoshiarpur. attended DAV HS school and then Govt. College. While visiting India, I don’t feel like going anywhere other than my Hoshiapur. Wonderful memories of the town itself and the villages around. Love it.

  5. I have heard about that city because i am an Indian. It keeps some importance in the Indian history, i have learn a lot from your post.
    Thank you so much.
    .-= ANSH@celebrity gossip rumors´s last blog ..Leona Lewis Attacked At Book Signing =-.

  6. Hi , I have been worked in hoshiarpur and visited most of the histroical palaces . I always visit and very much impressed from my Guru dev Sant baba Harnam Singh Ji Jian Wala

    Gurpreet Singh

  7. Punjab is the only state where i want to go, because i have seen almost all states of India. As you have mentioned in your post about the Hoshiarpur, i hope with in one or two years i will be there.

  8. I have travelled to more than 100 countries and happen to live in washington. I still think hoshiarpur is the best in the world for thousand reasons. All those are inexpicable. What a lovely city. the majestic and imperial, the rosy and vibrant, the mystical and pilgrimige-like. It reminds me of Lord Godren george Byron
    ” breathes there a man with soul so dead
    who never to himself has said
    That this is my motherland”

    Well’ of course Hoshiarpur is THAT motherland
    P.S. Please mention one of the most famouspersons of Hoshiarpur..
    .. Legendary Olympian Footballer Late Sardar Jarnail Singh.. the man who made Mahilpur famous.. The first panjabi to lead India football team and the first Indian to lead All star Asia Eleven. One of the best bootballers in The world.. ranked among.. king Pele’ of Brazil, Bobbey Moo0re and George Best of England. An arjuna Awardee Jarnail Singh.. A legend and a friend par excellance belong to Panam Distt. hoshiarpur, educated at SGGS Khalsa college Mahilpur represented India in Rome Olympics, Jakarta Asian Games and countless other internationals.

  9. Hi
    Happy new year to all citizens of hoshiarpur.
    i”m writing abt two notable personalities who born in hoshiarpur :

    1)Mata Sunder Kaur (Mata Sundri) or Mata Jeeto (Mata Jito) was the wife of Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708).
    She was the daughter of Bhai Ram Saran, a Kumarav Khatri of Bajwara, in present-day Hoshiarpur district of the Punjab.

    2)Sher Shah Suri was born here.Bajwara was the main town and trading centre before Hoshiarpur gained prominence due to a British cantonment
    earlier located there and later shifted to Jalandhar.Caravans from Tibet exchanged cargo with the caravans from Afghanistan and elsewhere.
    Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayu and briefly ruled at Delhi.He is credited to have built the Grand-trunk road,now named’Sher Shah Suri Marg’
    and better known as ‘GT Road’. The village ‘Patti’ near the Hoshiarpur–Garhshankar road,next to vill.Bohan,was the resting place for caravans
    form the west,while the merchants traded at Bajwara


      1. I am moved by your coments regarding village Patti. I am from Bajwara now residing in North Amrica and visited Patti many times.

        1. pran sab
          when u again visit patti pls vist the mzar of SAINT MIAN HASSAN MOHD SHAH of patti i m very greatful to u

          1. Munawar, good to hear from you..

            I don’t know much about Hassan Muhammad Shah.. Would you like to tell me more so I can get some context? Hope to hear from you soon..

          2. i am syed talha bin saleem from lahore pakistan my grandfather Syed Qaisar Ud din Adil Harianvi migrated from hariana district hoshiarpur at the age of 4 with his siblings and mother and other family mates .. some part of our family lived in Patti , Shaam Chaurasi , Machhariwal Hoshiarpur and some in Mohala Puray Shah Jalandhar , and Mohala Daanish Mandaan Jalandhar, Chuhar Wali Jalandhar

            Pir Syed Mian Hassan Muhammad Shah Sarkar Harmoye Sharif Belongs To Our Family , My Great Grandfather Pir Syed Fakhar Ud Din Haider Shah Alias Meeran Bagh Wali Sarkar Hariana Hoshiarpur and Baba Pir Syed Jaamu Shah Sahab Machhariwal Near Khanpur Sahota …

            Syed Talha Bin Saleem

          3. There Was a person named as Dr Fazaldin who was one of the richest person of hariana back then ..
            there was a friend of my grandfather Gopaal Singh who lived in hariana and my grandfather’s elder brother studied in D.A.V School hariana

          4. Definatly, Patti is still remembered for very peaceful life and lot of greenery all around this village Bohn is also equally lovely village.

      2. Good to hear someone from Patti. My birthplace is BOHN PATTI near Chabbewal, Hoshiarpur. I was 4 years old when my parents moved to Hoshiarpur where I spent 20 years of my life. Now I live in Canada from last 26 years and visit Hosihiarpur evey 5 years. Hoshiarpur is best place in the world but our my destiny brought me to Canada but my Motherland will always be in my heart! Lots of memories from Kamalpur School, Nayee Abadi School, Arya School ans D.A.V College!!!

  10. i have never heard about the city named hoshiarpur,lies in india.it is good to know about it.actually i am more interested in varieties of mango farming.
    .-= subash@dvd ripper´s last blog ..DVD Converter – The Only Way to Convert DVD to Multiple Formats =-.

  11. Your article provides an insight to the beautiful city of Punjab-Hoshiarpur.It is interesting to watch village farmers plough their fields with Bullocks, cattle grazing, take ride on tractor and walk along the green fields of crops like mustard, wheat etc. Apart from that, drive to Delhi, the city encompasses many beautiful historical monuments that are worth visiting.

  12. I was born at Bajwara,Hoshiarpur. My forefathers were living there for more than six centuries. Bajwara itself is a historical place. Hoshiarpur is/was known for very saintly people,skilled weavers and skilled terracotta idols. Giri Tech. University is also located at bajwara. I had visited many times Mata Sundri ( Murgai Khatri caste) ancestral house and it is still there.

  13. i born in this city. spent first ten years of my life here and later moved to another for studies, now i am overseas. but my parents are still living there…….

    even though i haven’t spent much time here
    but i love this city like my parents……

  14. hi i am himmat sood civil lines hoshiarpur i proud my city hoshiarpur

    is very peaceful & clean and green city.i deals in pooja products

    like aggarbathi and dhoop items as wholesale i distributes my products

    in north india ‘

  15. hi this is akash frm indian army i belong frm this nice place i complted my studies frm this place i studied in HOLY HEART JUNIOR PUBLIC n after i join D A V college but unfortunely i dnt completed my grd n after i join the indian army{signals} but i miss my place i lv my country n my punjab thanks RANA FAMILY HSP.


      1. There Was a person named as Dr Fazaldin who was one of the richest person of hariana back then ..
        there was a friend of my grandfather Gopaal Singh who lived in hariana and my grandfather’s elder brother studied in D.A.V School hariana

      2. our family had friendship ties with naru rajputs of hariana

        Rana Talia Muhammad Khan , General Bakhtiyar Rana , Rana Hamid Khan , Rana Labhu Khan , Rana Iqbal Khan

  16. Hi!
    Am really curious about the bhrigu samhita and am visiting hoshiarpur soon for the first time.
    Can you please find some genuine people who can really read the samhita and are not very expensive/money minded..

  17. I belongs to bajwara. I live in London now since 1990 however my brother Ranjit Soni still lives in bajwara. My father name is Sh Padam Chand Soni who sadly passed away last year. Bajwar is the village where I feel comfort and family roots where I been brought up.Most of the soni family orginally belongs to bajwara.
    “May God bless my village and lovely people”

  18. my forefathers belong to this district i always keen to now about hosiyar pur because my father always admire the climate and the peoples of hosiyar pur.

  19. Realy Hoshiarpur is a beutiful city. Life is cool people are calm. Tme most of the male members of the families are working abroad or in othe parts of the countery. I was a student of SD Sr Sec school Hoshiarpur in 1985. I often go to Hoshiarpur but most of my friends are not there. We all Hoshiarpuries are very strong at our places, we should try to keep our city at the heights as possible.


  20. Hi everyone ,i am from Lahore Pakistan,but my father and mother are originally from hoshiarpur.my mother was born in hoshiarpur city and my father was born in a village named badla-harta,till today he had found memories of hoshiarpur and love to visit his village one day mean while if anybody belong to badla harta please post the pics of that place,

  21. i belong and live here in hoshiarpur. above we all forgot to mention name of famous punjabi singer late Soni Pabla, who too belonged to bilaspur village, distt hoshiarpur. he was born raised here in hoshiarpur later he moved to canada and unfortunately died during a live show.

    1. Hello,
      its nice to see someone else from my fathers village.
      he is also from Bilaspur, district Hoshiarpur.
      I am always proud to tell people where my village is 🙂

    2. Soni Pabla was son of Sh. Mohinder Singh who was my class mate (, SBAC High School Bajwara) and others I remember are/were Sohan Singh, Dharam Singh, Ajaib Singh and our teacher Sh Chanchal Singh from Bilas Pur..

  22. I belong to Hoshiarpur too but right now I am residing in Canada. My grand father Dr. Shyam Dev Parashar was a (Sanskrit)professor in Govt. College Hoshiarpur. He wrote over 40 books. He won the Sahitya Kala Academy Award in 1997 for his book TRIVENI.

  23. I have never been to Hoshiarpur but I have one best friend who lives there. I have been there in my dream and I have actually written a poem about Hoshiarpur.

    Chapati War In Hoshiarpur Kitchen

  24. a place where peace breathes…
    a land where fruits gives the sweetest taste..
    where all seasons are beautiful…
    where all colors of life takes birth…
    where kites fill up the skies…
    where festivals light up the earth..
    that is… H O S H I A R P U R 🙂

  25. i love my city hoshiarpur as it has produced saints,freedom fighters and scholars.

    harish kumar joshi.

  26. hi everyone ,im from a small village in hoshiarpur distt.Due to life commitments i reside away from my distt now a days but how can i forget those juicy mangoes from our village orchards .And those beautiful and soothing evening spent in my village.

    I want to add something here that famous bollywood actor PRAN belongs to village named BHAROWAL near my village in hoshiarpur distt.He left the village when he was around 6 to 7 years old and went to mumbai with his uncle

  27. My grandfather Dr.Shyam Dev Parashar also belongs to hoshiarpur. He was sanskrit lecturar and hod at govt. College hoshiarpur. He wrote many books. He was editor of vishaw sanskritam in sadhu ashram. His fammous books were sanskrit aur punjabi de sambandh, triveni for this he got sahitya accademy award in1997. He also got mahakavi kalidas puraskar by madhya pradesh govt. He also got award from punjab govt. He was also a good astrologer and interested in ayurveda.he was writing dictionary to prove that english, urdu, pharsi, hindi, and punjabi all r part of sanskrit. Sanskrit is mother of all languages. But his dream is incomplete. I love my grand father very much and I feel very proud that I am his granddaughter.

  28. I love Hoshiarpur becuse my mom and dad s borth in Hoshiarpur and my uncle
    and anty still live in Hoshiarpur and i vist so many time ILove So much Hoshiarpur

    1. It’s really pleasant surprise that still Muslims are there. Will you please give me any Muslim’s contact number in hasharpur. I am searching someone. I am a Muslim Pakistani in Saudi Arabia.

  29. Hoshiarpur is my elders birth place, I belong to a Muslim Jutt family of Faisalabad Pakistan. I want to see my elders village in Hoshiarpur,may be in my life?

  30. I belong to the village Bihala ,Hoshiarpur.I live in london for past 10 years but I love to visit the city everytime I get a chance. The city is so relaxed people are friendly. Great places to visit e.g. Dharmshala , McLeod Ganj .

    The great city is situated in the foots of himalyas. I would love to visit the hills ,do camping ,hiking as all the adventure activities are possible .

    Survival is so easy , Food at the dhabe are cheap and nice.

    Life flows you dont have to be corrupt to survive.

    Amanadeep Flora

  31. Hi
    Hoshiarpur district has the highest literacy rate as per the 2011 census in the Punjab state.
    I have been born and brought up in hoshiarpur and my schooling(Mount Carmel) is from Hoshiarpur and have stayed in almost all the metro cities of India due to work and currently settled in UAE but I still miss this beautiful, green and pollution free city which is so close to the nature as it is at the foothills of Himachal.Its the best city to live and settle down after retirement.

    1. Hi Parminder, thanks for writing in! I also passed out from Mount Carmel School in 2005. I can’t agree more about retiring and settling in Hoshiarpur. I didn’t realize what Hoshiarpur meant to me while I lived there, but living in metros changed me completely!

      Can I get in touch with you on Facebook or something? Or, you can find me at http://facebook.com/abhinavsood

  32. Like other commenters I also born and brought up in Hoshiarpur and studied at S.D.School, Govt. High School and Govt College. I would like add these following names in Notable People from Hoshiarpur.
    1- Dr. B.S. Minahs- Fisrt Deputy Chairman of Planning Commision of India (Chairman always being Prime Minister)
    2- Mr. Intikhaab Alam former captain of Pakistan Cricket Team and coach of Punjab Ranji Team . His ancestrol viallage is KHAN PUR
    3-Besides Jarnail Singh, great footballers Gurkirpal Singh/ Manjit Singh/ Harjinder Singh/ Parmar/ Kultar Tari/ Kashmira Singh—- they doned colors for India and always gave torried time to Bengal Football teams while playing for Leaders Club and JCT Mills Phagwara Teams.All products of Khalsa College Mahilpur nursery of footballers
    4- Singer Satendra Sartaj
    I have heard that the poet who wrote National Anthem of Pakistan is also from Hoshiarpur but I m not sure and seek confirmation from who is sure about it
    Now when i visit Hoshiarpur miss the bawaries where lot of saints stayed.Though temples are there.
    Cant forget Jagrata Season in the month of Saun / Bahdo.
    Since our ancestrol house is in Old city cant forget Kachories of Prem Ustad in Dabbi Bazar, Lassi and puries of Bhai ( Sansar Singh) / Bhilo Halwai. Laddu Kehran di hatti/Kadhai wala dudh Man Singh Gaura Gate.Cholle Bhature of Achru / Shankar in Kanak Mandi.
    There are lot of memories of the city which I am cherishing and want to re live those memories and shall share later on
    I also remember Prof. S.D.Parashar, during his tenure I was studying in the college.

  33. Let me tell u about dis beautiful city….
    Hoshiarpur city is todays the big city in punjab….all transportation facilities related himachal pradesh gone through dis city…..
    Its call to be eduaction city nd the city of saints…..sme calls it mango city also coz u will find various trees of mangoes in dis city in related villages….hoshiarpur city is a vast city wid no. Of villages as compare to any city of punjab….many malls,,multiplex,,nd shopping malls hve been here to funn shunn wid ur frndss…..
    Our famous bollywood actors…
    Pran saab
    amrish puri
    gauri chibber wife of bollywood actor king khan
    upasana singh
    shankar sahney
    rapper honey singh
    our former prime minister shree manmohan singh had completed his economics as graduation frm govt. College PU affiliation…
    *famous bhrigu shahstri dham is loacted here where large no. Of actors hve been here for dere destiny’s…..
    Over all my born city hoshiarpur city is the marvellous city for everything….dharamshala,,chintapurni mandir,,kangra,,manali,,shimla,,all himachal places hve been passed through dis city

  34. HI We belong to village badla-harta near hoshiarpur, i was wondering if anybody from that village . i love to see any pics if possible thanks.

    1. Nasir Iqbal Naroo, my father Dr. Rajnish Sood served Harta-Badla as the Senior Medical Officer, a few years ago. I don’t have any photos but I can tell you that the people are very hospitable. I visited the place only once, during his tenure, and it was a nice feeling to be there.

  35. Good to see all your comments about Hoshiarpur. I always feel proud that I belongs to Hoshiarpur.

    God bless you all.

  36. I am glad to learn so much about my dream city of Hoshiarpur. In fact, my forefathers belonging to Gujjar (Khepar) caste migrated from this city to Pakistan and settled at Bhakkar district at the time of partition. My father also born at Hoshiarpur. He is no more with us; but sweet memories he and my grand parents both paternal and maternal left in our blood about this dream land are still alive in our blood. We basically belonged to village Behara. There was a lot of talk about pleasant weather and mangoes of Hoshiarpur whenever our elders sit together and refresh their memories about their motherland. They left this world without having opportunity to visit their city and village. However, I got an opportunity to visit India twice during 2012 and went up to Ajmer Shareef and Agra, but unfortunately could not secure visa for Hoshiarpur despite my desire and efforts. I hope, one day, I would be able to see my dream land. I shall be thankful if someone can share details and pics from Bhera village.

  37. I was born in hoshiar district and educated in Dr. Hari Ram Hr. Sec/.. School Datarpur DAV college hoshiar pur. I love this place and have lot of respect for the place. There is no place on earth more beautiful than this district. It has planes ,hills dense forests lot of fruits on road side,people are very hard working and most of the villagers are serving the army of great nation India and farmers are giving thier best to the state/ nation. Hoshiapuris also dominate the foriegn countries like England/USA / Canada Arbian countries. I am proud to say that Hoshirpur is my SHAN ,PUNJAB IS MY MAAN AND INDIA IS MY JAAN

  38. Dear Fellows,

    Any buddy knows about Mr. Jaan Muhammad urf Jana Mandir Wala (Who was the architecture with the constructor of Sheesh Mahal Mr. Lala Hans Raj Jain in 1911, he made all the idol in sheesh mahal, and his own statue is put on the entrance of Sheesh Mahal). If any buddy knows about the history of it please let me know, the email address is “[email protected]”. it would be a great pleasure to know about him. the picture of Mr. Jaan Muhammad is clearly visible beside the entrance gate. the reference link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r2XOWwNuG8.

  39. Thanks for creating this blog. I too belong to Hoshiarpur. Born and brought up here. Soon will be moving to US. But this place will live with me where ever i go around the world.
    Also i would like to add that many great pakistani poets like Muneer Niazi and Habib Jalib were born in hoshiarpur.

  40. I am from village Dadiana Khurd Near Bhikhowal.Hariana dist. hoshiarpur… i want to adD further information

    1. Hoshiarpur’s Popular tree and Euclyptus(saifaida) tree industry is famous whole over the world with 3 crore to 6 crore buisness per day.
    2. Hoshiarpur is one of largest Kinnow producing area of world. Kinnow orchards decorates its beauty.
    3. Hoshiarpur is also famous for Mangoes
    1. Hoshiarpur contributed in Babbar Akali Lehar and was main center of Akali Lehar. Chabbewal-Mahilpur area produced many martyrs and many served life imprisonment.
    2. Highest number of army men in indian army from Punjab are from Hoshiarpur District.
    3. Most literate and highest sex ratio in punjab.
    4. Also active in Sikh Morchas.
    5. N.R.I belt of punjab with many people settled in Europe, America and Arab.
    1. Jagjit Singh Chauhan the popular Sikh activist and Founder of Khalistan movement was from Tanda, Hoshiarpur.
    2. Soni Pabla(bilaspur), Waris brothers(halluwal), Debi Makhsoospuri, Kulwinder Dhillon(thuana),Sartaj(bajraur).sukhshinder shinda. and many more are from hsp.
    3. Harwinder Oharpuri , popular lyricst.
    and endless personalities.

    Even my great grandfather a renowed Hakim of District Late S.Gokal Singh served the district.
    ‘Gokal Pharmacy’ is still best in district on railway road,hsp.

    thanks and sorry for any mistake.

  41. My birth place is Hoshiarpur. My childhood and young age was spent in this city. I wrote few verses in the praise of my home town and my home state. But I do not know how to explain in Hindi Font. In case some body help me, you can share my sentiments for my birth place, which are all in Hindi.


  42. Pt. Hari Chand Akhtar, a renowned Urdu gazal poet was born and brought up at Sahiba-Saroya village in Hoshiarpur near Garhshanker. He stood first M.A. in Persian / English literature in the undivided Punab. He died on 1st January 1958 due to heart attack at the age of 58 or so.


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