Blogging can’t be fun without doing things like this…

🙂 Someday, somewhere Vic, the man behind BloggingZoom said, “We are not Digg, we do not accept one sentenced submissions on a video picking your nose!” when I had certain problems submitting posts from techXtreme to the social network.

So I have decided to see if those 4 sentences or 350 characters, they ask for, need to be meaningful. Okay! I won’t exactly be making any such video now and but I have other means to find out. The urge to do this stupid but interesting thing arose when a devil, a product of his very own workshop [an idle mind I mean…] momentarily appeared to tell me to check out if there is any automatic detection or removal system for such submissions ? The devil insists that I submit this post with some stupid description, to BloggingZoom, filling the description with 350 (crap) characters and see if it passes through. The submission sure needs to be 4 sentences or 350 characters, but lets see what it can be in the worst case scenario and if BloggingZoom is another Digg in Vic-terms.

I have been instructed by the devil to update after watching the response.

Stay tuned!

Update: The submission has been successfully made! It hasn’t been detected as irrelevant or removed [It can neither be! anyway!] automatically. Now, waiting for friends to ZOOM the post! Zoom it HERE.

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