Your profile holds the potential to affect your readership base

5 ways to manage your profile to turn profile visitors into sticky readers:

A person maybe compelled to visit your profile if your blog he has landed on is interesting enough to urge him to find out more about you, to find whether you have any other blogs that would make a good read. So this fact should be understood very well that the 1st thing that is noticed in your profile is your blogs. In this scenario, owning too many blogs is okay till you have them regularly updated and just as interesting as the one profile visitor came from.

On the other side, the visitor might happen to be coming from another blog of yours that is not regular updated and/or offer quality content expecting to find something better. In this scenario, having too many blogs may have a negative effect if the “good blog” is not easily spotted. So, I suggest if you are experimenting with many blogs at a time, or have too many blogs but are seriously involved in a single blog, updating and maintaining it well and offering quality content then you should use dummy accounts for maintaining the other blogs. You should not let your experiments or try-outs become stones hindering your success.

Now, Let us assume you have separated the mainstream blogs from the rest of your blogs into separate accounts / profiles, and then the second thing that will get noticed in your profile is your “About-Me.” So you should explain who you are, what you are (and why you are, if any) very sensibly. Try to make the description compact, yet complete. You should write your “About-Me” in a way that you leave a similar impression on your profile visitor’s mind just as with the best post you ever published to the world.

Third, whether to reveal your age or not is a purely personal consideration, I believe. Displaying your age in your profile can only bring you some well-deserved appreciation for the talent you possess at your level. A similar consideration can be that of displaying your location in your profile. To know that quality is being sourced out from your very own city or state, can inspirit a profile visitor a good deal. He may talk about you somewhere, he may mention you and your blog on his own website/blog and may subscribe to your RSS feed as well. And for a profile visitor of some distant land, it will be good to know what part of the world is doing what “goodness.” You should be proud of yourself that you are brightening the name of your city/state in the “Blogosphere.” Age and Location are such components of a profile, that I feel can never negatively affect your readership base. But using them can, in some cases, do you much good than dropping them from your profile, as I try to bring out above.

Now we move on to the fourth point, i.e. whether you should reveal your personal contact information like email address and IM screen names, etc.? I think I should not even give my opinion on this. You better know and understand your level of comfort with the mails and IMs; how well you’d be able to handle them and manage to respond to them, etc. One thing that you should bear in your mind is that disclosing personal contact information should not be a breach into your privacy. Generally, keeping it to the blog comments is sufficiently enough, rather than disclosing your personal contact information in your profile. Responding to these comments positively and effectively at once is as good as responding to emails and IMs over the day or through the night!

Fifthly, you shouldn’t think about adding your favorite movies, music or books unless you review movies and music on your blog, or own a blog themed on literature. Great resources like some e-books that helped you or any similar things relevant to your blog’s theme can be shared, however. You may do that in a more effective way through a post on your blog, even.

I believe you all will agree that these little things can potentially affect the size and proportion of your readership in a great way. I hope you find this information helpful.

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13 thoughts on “5 ways to manage your profile to turn profile visitors into sticky readers

  1. Excelent article! First impression count 🙂 and the good one hit the top
    aw..thanks for subscribing to Graphic Identity via email, I’ll do the same to your blog!

  2. I will feature your new blog in my next post titled “Email Subscribers Exchange Chalange”. Hope we could start a great small blog community by promoting each other’s blog 🙂
    Happy New Year 2008 Abhi 😀 !!

  3. I’m a firm believer that your profile should contain enough to allow the average reader to “get to know you”. It helps to develop a relationship that goes beyond blogging.

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  5. really nice info… i being a blogger myself learnt most of these… must know for many newcomers!!

    shankars last blog post..Rihanna – SOS music video

  6. Thanks for this. You was help me. Article who your writen was so important for me. Thanks again 🙂

  7. Well, i never thought that a bloggers profile was really important. I guess to some visitors that may be the case, but i think the post you create is what will keep a reader coming back.

  8. I have been searching on the net for California mortgage loan and end up visiting your site. I really like the posts here, especially this one regarding to manage your profile to turn profile visitors into sticky readers. I already bookmarked your site and sure visit again….

  9. I must admit I think the about page is neglected by too many bloggers. I am not sure if other people use it as much as I do but it is one place I check after reading a good post on a new blog to see if it convinces me I should add the blog to my RSS reader. It is good to try and let people a little bit about yourself. And also I think to let them know what the theme of the blog is so they can decide whether they want to subscribe.

  10. It seems that the more accentric you are the more the profile gets attention. Show me online crazy i’ll show you alot of web hits.

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