Jesus Encounter is a Christian blog, written by a 19 years old- Jeremy Newton, who loves God and music. Jeremy is a student leader at his church and will be starting his training to be a youth pasto, soon. He has been playing guitar for five years now, and can also play piano and synths. He is thankful to God for gifting him with his musical talent and for helping him perfect his skills over time.

Look & Feel Review:
As a WordPress dot Com hosted blog, Jeremy doesn’t have much options to tweak the design of his blog. Jesus Encounter uses the 3-column digg theme which looks plain-simple but aesthetic and in sync with the nature and tone of his blog. The header image is good enough and the navigation buttons look good as well. There isn’t much of design element to be found at Jesus Encounter apart this, and the layout is quite intuitive. The navigation buttons, the subscription options, search feature and contact details are just at the right place for easy access.

The sidebars are neat and well-organized with the minimal content we can see in a blog. The Paypal button and the “blog-tools” are the only widgets present apart the normal blogroll, recent posts and categories, etc.

Content & Usability Review:
Reading through Jesus Encounter will touch your heart. Jeremy wants Jesus Encounter to be a place for Christians to congregate to learn about God and to help others grow properly in their walk with him. I think, serving the Almighty in everything you do, even in blogging, is the noblest cause!

The posts at Jesus Encounter are very well written and are deeply moving. When you are done reading all the goodness offered at this blog, you can head to Jesus Encounter‘s new home, Blog at Jesus Encounter.Org where Jeremy currently writes, no more updating this blog I am reviewing.

Both of the blogs are very good from what I read and should be a read once to help you make your life better by learning to serve God. I pray for Jeremy’s success with whatever he is involved in and wish him success with his new undertaking: Jesus Encounter dot Org.

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5 thoughts on “Blog Review – Jesus Encounter

  1. Hey thank you so much for your review and kind words. I tried to add your banner to link here but when I put the code in my sidebar it just says Free. So I thought you might like to know that. Thanks again for the review =)

    1. You are most welcome, Jeremy. Thanks for linking back to Inspirit.The HTML code is working fine for me. Maybe your page didn’t load properly so it didn’t show up. You can try again later, and if it still don’t show up then let me know 🙂

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  3. Great review of Jeremy’s blog. I’m one of his pastors and I can tell you that he lives what he’s writing… he is an inspiration!

    Thanks for reviewing him


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