Inspirit has been doing satisfactorily good since it has been up and running: 29th December,2007 to be precise. Alexa rank for Inspirit has been improving with every update that has come and continuing with the trend, the recent Alexa rank update brings this blog into the top 2 million blogs indexed by Alexa – The Web Information Company. At the pace, Inspirit is growing in terms of visitors, readers and subscribers I hope to see it in the Official Top 1 Million blogs very soon. The current Alexa rank for Inspirit | Blog is 189,305.

Also, there are currently 66 posts and 356 comments at Inspirit which implies 5.39 comments per post that is published here. This is an amazing part of Inspirit Stats, and I attribute such a success to the appreciable participation spirit of the solid Inspirit readership. 5 comments a post means a lot to me, as it convinces me that you the posts at inspirit interest you and you take your time to read and comment to them. I am highly grateful to you for your support.

You’ll also be glad to know that till today I have published 15 blog reviews, absolutely FREE! And the service still continues for anyone who’s interested. Apart from honest opinion about your blog, you get a few links for free as a bonus. You can request a Free Blog Review and I’ll get back to you through a comment at your blog when I am done with it. I don’t plan to charge for the service in near future because nothing makes me more happy to help my fellow bloggers and that too for free, saving them the good bucks they might otherwise have to spend at other blogs offering reviews for a fee.

Google PR hasn’t moved a point up from 0 after the recent update. While it’d have been lovely if Inspirit enjoyed a higher PR but I don’t see any benefits coming with PR except when you are into link exchanging and writing paid or sponsored reviews where the offers get better with a higher PR. So, I really don’t care much.

I believe, however, that things will change in the times to come. I hope to build more quality links to Inspirit and become an authority in the meta-blogging niche. All that is needed is your support and we’ll rock!

2 thoughts on “Alexa Rank and Other Updates at Inspirit

  1. Hi Abhi, and congrats! It’s always nice to see our blogs grow. There’s something very satisfying and inspiring about learning our efforts are not going unnoticed.

    I’ve found IGTB has grown a different way, jumping up to a PR of 3, but not improving much on Alexa. I wonder why..?

    1. Maybe because you don’t use Sparky: The Alexa Toolbar or most of your users do not use Sparky. Actually, Alexa records statistics based on the information it collects by alexa(sparky)-users who visit your site and updates your rank/page-views/reach according to that.

      PR 3 ! That is cool. And your RSS readership is also growing at a good rate. Congrats~!

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