Hi friends, with this post I want to introduce you to Amanda Nicole, who’ll also be contributing to the Inspirit, along with me, from now on.

Amanda Nicole is a creative turned freelance-writer living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her favorite topics to write on are writing for the web, vegan-ism, environmentalism and anything to do with the arts. Amanda finds inspiration in the city streets, the seashore, looking out the window and connecting with people, online and off.

I look forward to having some good time working with you, Amanda. Good luck with your journey in this new direction.

Off-Beat: Tomorrow’s my last exam (Chemistry), wish me good luck. I’ll be taking a few days off for a chill-out tour to some hill station, with my friends two-three days later. I’ll somehow try to arrange some quality stuff to keep you involved all that time, I am unavailable. I may not respond to your comments or emails during this period but will surely take care of everything when I return.

5 thoughts on “Amanda Nicole- A New Guest Blogger at Inspirit Blog

  1. Thanks for the intro, Abhinav. I look forward to posting here, as well as getting lots of feedback from the readers!

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