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In the previous articles at Inspirit, concerning RSS Feed and Email Subscriptions, we have discussed:

* why should you start working to increase your email subscribers because they are so important, and
* how to customize the FeedBurner email subscription form.

Considering that a blog’s feed count i.e the number of subscribers at a blog are so significant in deciding the popularity of a blog, I and Audee (from Graphic Identity) have worked out this article that tells you some of the most effective tips on increasing the number of email subscribers at your blog.

Yes, these 8 tips are not the only ways you can boost the number of email subscribers at your blog, but are just a few of them. I’ll be touching this topic again in my future posts with more ideas to help you market you blog’s content by increasing your number of (RSS and) Email subscribers.

Before you go, implement anything else.. here’s one Universal Tip (Thanks for the heads-up, Michael 😉 ) that you should always bear in mind:

Write Killer Content or Any other Tips Won’t Help Much.

If you are fairly serious about promoting your blog then go right through the entire length of this post and learn from this 8 points compilation that we have put together after spending a great deal of our time.

1. Accessibility: Placing the Subscription Form at the right place

Your email subscription form should be such placed that it is most easily noticed and can be reached without any hassles. The top of the sidebar is a good place to put up the subscription options. Some bloggers choose to add the subscribe-by-email form on the top of the blog post (below the header), but for many… this is more of a distraction.

Placement of the subscription form is one of the most important but often over-looked factors that can greatly affect your feed-count in either positive or negative way.

2. Asking your reader to subscribe

It’s a good practice to append a short-note to the end of your post reminding the reader about the available subscription options. You should customize this note in a way that proves the most effective for you.

Try to read and learn how other bloggers around you are doing it. Play around a bit, till you find something that really works for you.

3. Customizing the Email Subscription Form

In one of my tutorial posts about Customizing the FeedBurner Email Subscription Form at your Blog, you can see how I added a simple subscribe-via-email form to the end of my post. If you can customize your email subscription form just the right way, you can empower yourself to place it anywhere on your blog and reap its benefits.

This serves the purpose of asking your readers for subscribing to your feed (see #2 above), as well as is a good placement tactic (see #1 above.)

4. Customize the Post Footer with better CSS

The best way to highlight your email subscription form is to customize your post footer with better CSS design. Just create a box with different background color and border for your note.

Even if you don’t have any idea about how to customize CSS, don’t worry. Just make sure that you set your note apart from the rest of the post with different headings or font colors.

5. Adding an attractive image and linking it to the subscribe page.

If you take a look at my recent post about why email subscribers are important and why should you starting working on increasing them, you’ll see that I have added fancy RSS buttons to the post itself and linked them to the email subscription page. If someone finds these graphic buttons attractive, most probably they’ll click on them and convert into a subscriber.

6. Email Branding: Customize the RSS you mail out as an e-Newsletter

Add some spice to a subscriber’s reading experience by pimping, the email updates you send out, like an e-Newsletter. You can customize the title of your RSS Feed, add a logo to the header or show related posts in the footer (options available with FeedBurner.) People will help you in your marketing campaign if they like what they see.

7. Writing Often: Keeping your blog updated

I am often asked a question by my readers that how do the posting frequency at a blog affect the number of subscribers at your blog. A point they put forward is if someone gets an email once in a while, why one would want to unsubscribe from your blog even when you’re delivering quality content.

My answer to this question is that if one has subscribed to your blog knowing that you offer quality content, one would want to receive it! And if it doesn’t come over for days or weeks together, why should he be wasting time and mailbox space for you, when he can get as good content from numerous other blogs around more frequently.

Well, this doesn’t really mean that you have to publish 2 or 3 posts everyday! Posting every day, on alternate days, 4-5 days a week or whatever way you’re comfortable but update your blog so often that your readers do not opt-out of the subscription.

8. Submit your feed URL to Feed Directories and RSS Aggregators

Submitting your feed URLs to feed directories and RSS aggregators can help you get more exposure to your feed and to the blog itself. If you have good content to offer, chances of visitors subscribing to your blog increase manifolds.

Submitting your blog’s RSS feed URL to sites like Feedest (Social Feed Reader and Directory) even boosts your Technorati authority by giving you a valid link back and helps widening your blog’s reach and popularity. Email subscribers generally increase in direct proportion to these metrics.

This is not the first time that anyone is touching this topic, and there are a number of other good resources where you can find interesting and useful tips on increasing your RSS subscribers. These are some articles from the blogosphere that you might find resourceful:

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14 thoughts on “8 Effective Tips to Increase your Email Subscribers

  1. If you write good post like this one then automatically visitor will come again and again 😉 and will subscribe your feed for latest updates. Really nice tips, I become more intelligent after reading your posts. 🙂

  2. Hey Abhinav, you should consider entering these tips in my Building RSS Group Writing Project:

    All you would need to qualify for over $350 in prizes – including consults with Liz Strauss and David Airey – is to link your above article to the announcement post at the above link. Although additional tips before Sunday night’s deadline would increase your chances of winning even more.

    Jacob from Group Writing Projectss last blog post..What I Learned From Transportation Group Writing Project

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, Jacob – I have fixed the link. And I’ll consider entering this group writing project once my industrial training is over at college – I just hope I don’t get too late.

  3. There are numerous ways to increase your website popularity and improve your SEO but increasing backlinks is probably the best

  4. Thanks for the tips. Email is a great for blogs in less tech-savvy niches – I always prioritize it over RSS in those areas. There are a surprising number of people who don’t know about RSS yet.

    Hardys latest published blog-post ………. Pneumatic Speargun

  5. I’m currently running a contest where any new subscribers are entered for a chance to win some free marketing. That’s gone over really well, and has certainly boosted my numbers. If applicable, I would recommend anyone try it.


    Matt | Small Biz Bees latest published blog-post ………. My Website Traffic is a Trickle!

  6. I feel that very creative and refreshing content is a must. Other then that, keeping your blog updated is attractive to your readers. and they come more often. Thanks for the tips.

    Jasmin Wilsons latest published blog-post ………. Stock market today

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