There were a few glitches with the previous version of Yet Another Threaded Comments Plugin, that I use for responding to individual comments. This makes the task a lot easier as the comments can be nested within each other and makes the discussion within comments clear.

It sucks to be on an IIS server actually! The plugin version has been updated from version 0.6.3 to 0.6.4 (change-log) and now supports IIS-platform as well. The problem was actually with the way the plugin changed the protocol from http:// to https:// for an IIS server. Well, I tried messing up with the code and probably missed a brace or so, that I started getting error messages. I reported the bug to Joachim, the plugin author and he rolled out YATCP 0.6.4 that is working fine on IIS.

All the glitches are now gone and I am pretty happy about it. Drop me a comment and let me know if you find any kind of trouble with any feature on the blog.

2 thoughts on “"Yet Another Threaded Comments Plugin" Updated

  1. Thanks for the feedback.
    There is still an issue with the URLs built for the “Reply” Link. If you came to the Single Blogpost with the detailed URL for a single comment (like and then click on Reply the Link causes (at least Firefox) to reload the Page which causes the “Reply to:” Dropdownbox to forget the selected Comment.
    So I guess the whole function needs to be even more sophisticated, but I have to test this out in more detail before.

    1. Hey
      this again seems to be a bit of a Server (IIS) Problem, cause I wasn’t able to reproduce it with other combinations of Browser/Server but currently only encounter it here in the Inspiritblog.

      Taking away the Reply Link at all might at least solve your problem (though I’m hesitating to do this in a release), but I’m not quite sure whether anyone will notice that he actually can answer to a certain comment. So before removing the link completely you might want to try to replace it with only the anchor for the Comment Form and see if that works out correctly.

      For specifying just the anchor it’s the easiest to change the template_functions.php and in line 243 enter this statement:
      return “#comment_selection”;

      For removing the Link altogether just snip the following three Lines (35-37) from the yatcp_single-comment.php

      In case of problems do not hesitate to contact me.

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