Frustrated! To FrustrateTeachers are the craziest people on the planet! Every time students attempt to shorten their answers by jumping the so obvious steps in mathematical problems or numerical problems in physics, we are told that examiners are dumb (sounds dumb!) and he don’t know anything. It is the students who have to enlighten him by writing as much steps as we can to let him know that we have in-depth knowledge about the subject.

We have this lady-lecturer taking our physics class who shouted out these very words while we were deriving a formula. Just 10 minutes later, while dictating an experiment students wrote, “Light strikes mirror M1 and passes through Lens L1” when she screamed at us ,”You just want to waste time by writing crap! Don’t you think no one is so dumb not to understand that M stands for mirror and L for lens! Skip words, pace up and be effective!”

I don’t know if she had a fight with her husband before she left for college in the morning. Is it mental fatigue of lecturing continuously through the day or frustration of handling the craziest students around the college that make teachers act weird! Whatever it is! I haven’t seen a crazier species!

P.S: If you are a teacher and reading this, please understand that I respect you & all the like, for the great job you’re doing by educating this world for making it a better place to live in. I am not being derogatory in any way, but I do believe! you’re crazier than anyone around…

7 thoughts on “Teachers: The Craziest People on The Planet!

  1. Alex: Yes, that can be.

    Audee: I don’t think if you ever have been a teacher through your life… Or Have you been one?

    Mohit: Yes, I think I wrote well. This can go for the Communication Skills write-up session.

    Shanker Bakshi: Thanks for commenting. I wonder what’s the [?] for!

    Glad you people enjoyed the post…

    1. LOL, yes I have for more than 5 years. One of my student has been going to college last year, and he is about your age. I had to put myself in a teenager shoe that time, pursuing effective communication..and goin almost insane at once 😀 Teaching is the art of giving for what you think is good when each of the student think it is not good at all!

  2. Actually I nearly became a teacher, I was only one semester off until I realized how crazy the kids really were and you had to be a lunatic to want to be a teacher….;)

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