EntreCard having a WONDERFUL time with Project Wonderful

EntreCard loves Project Wonderful

Have you noticed the price of a Project Wonderful ad-slot at EntreCard?

The price of an ad at the Project Wonderful website itself is $1.70 while its $6.20 at Entrecard. Seems like Entrecard is having a blast with the service. For most of the blogs or websites that I have seen, hardly a few of them have advert pricing anywhere near a US Dollar.

I have been observing the price for a PW ad-spot at EntreCard for more than a month now and have never seen it fall below $5.10. And it has generally varied between $5.40 to $6.10. With only a few hundred visitors each day, I am making money at an average rate of $0.24 per day with Project Wonderful. It’d be amazing to know at what rate EC is going!

Beating someone in their own game is simply cool 😉 I wish I owned something as awesome as EntreCard! Or simply, just get free from my college forever and just get start to blog regularly at Inspirit.

Never mind… You see, EntreCard employs no other means of advertising other than 2 project wonderful advertising spots and a Google search widget to generate revenue for running the service. I must say they have been very wise in making the best choice about what brings in the maximum profit to the system without negatively affecting the look ‘n’ feel of the website, and/or creating much distraction with many ads littered across it which drastically reduce the usability, for any service.

I bet Google AdSense or anything like that wouldn’t have worked this great for EntreCard and for sure EC is having WONDERFUL time with Project Wonderful.