Yesterday has seen some radical changes in the look and feel, and some content on the blog. Here’s what held back a new blog post yesterday:

  • The About Me has been updated. I have removed my Photo from the sidebar and included it in the About Me itself. Saves some valuable real estate in the sidebars!
  • The Feed Subscription Options: Subscribe via Email and Subscribe via Reader have been grouped together and placed at the top of left sidebar. Its better to have them easily accessible from one prominent place rather than being scattered up at all prominent places that can be used to exhibit other important features on your blog.
  • I have cleared the clutter off the navigation bar. Useless pages like the subscribe page which was no more than 3 lines offering RSS Feed Subscription have been removed. Feed Subscription options are quite easily accessible, anyway.
  • You can now contact me at any social network of your choice. You can also follow me on Instant Messengers and reach me out using my email address. I have merged all the contact options into one page rather than using a different page for listing all my social profiles.
  • I have placed my Entrecard at the top of right sidebar. I hope to make the maximum out of Entrecard. While this allows my Entrecard widget to be spotted very easily by the readers who’d like to drop their cards, this will also make it easier for the chain droppers to find my card and indulge in the good hit and run!
  • Just below the Entrecard is the Comments Policy. Comments on this blog are noFollow free. This should encourage my readers to comment and also link to their blogs so they can reward themselves for the time they spend in commenting at Inspirit.
  • The SpotBack Personal Recommendations widget has been moved to the left sidebar under the BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog widgets that have similar dimensions. Another small effort towards achieving de-fragmentation across the sidebars.

Planning and putting into effect the following changes took all of the little time I had after college, yesterday. I’ll be making a few posts today including a blog review or two.

Besides all this development, there’s another good news. I have registered a premium domain name for the new forums I am going to launch within a few days. I’ll be talking more about it in another blog post.

By the way, have you checked out the three, very cheap 125 x 125 advertising spots available at Inspirit? Find them in the right sidebar and use the slots to promote your blog.

3 thoughts on “Some Radical Changes at Inspirit

  1. You actually made some very good changes here. Really well thought through. And did them in a very fast time!


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