When I started my blog at the end of December last year, I compared MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog and BlogRush on the basis of metrics gathered from Alexa- The Web Information Company and my own experience with these social networking sites for bloggers.

When I wrote that post, many people put forward their point that the Alexa rating and ranking of a website not an accurate measurement as many people do not use the Alexa toolbar (Sparky), or their means of collecting information about websites wasn’t anywhere near good.

After the recent update of Alexa’s ranking algorithm, bloggers and web developers have talked and wrote much about it. Enough to give me an idea that Alexa rankings are now respected and seriously considered. So, I took a few minutes to compare these 2 social networking sites for bloggers, BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog using Alexa charts.

When I compared them in this post earlier, the snapshots were from the time these websites took off to the end of December, when the post was published. At that time, MyBlogLog’s graph had started to decline unlike the graph for BlogCatalog that was advancing gradually with a few ups and downs.

These newer statistics that I recorded a day before the road accident , continue from where the previous charts ended.

Daily Page Views for MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog, December to MayDaily Alexa Rank for BlogCatalog and MyBlogLogDaily Reach Graph for BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog

I had predicted in my earlier post that

BlogCatalog has been moving with a healthy steadiness low below MyBlogLog but has ever been rising gradually even with its own shortcomings in the system. Daily traffic rank trends and daily reach of BlogCatalog indicate that its not far from equalling its rival MyBlogLog or even surpassing it.

And these fresh charts show that finally BlogCatalog has crossed above MyBlogLog in terms of any metric recorded by Alexa. In fact, by quite a margin!

Why do you think this happened?

This is interesting because the MBL developers are working hard fixing major and minor issues with their system, and have recently added a lot of new features to the website. This doesn’t seem to help them, any way!

If you have used both MBL and BC, you’ll probably agree that the design and layout of BC is way better than MBL. The organization of tabs, widgets, etc is neat and comprehensive at BC but its quite hard for a newbie to get used to using MBL easily. In fact, a lot of people who are new to the blogging and social networking scene ask me about how to use MyBlogLog to their convenience.

Another important aspect that has created this rift between the curves for BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog on the graph is that MyBlogLog shows you the traffic for your blog while BlogCatalog gives you the traffic for your blog!
What do you think are other reasons for the decline of MyBlogLog and the rise of BlogCatalog? Which social network do you use? Which one do you like better and Why?

According to you, who wins the MyBlogLog vs BlogCatalog war? Drop a comment and let me know. I’ll then make a list and publish it here, any time soon. Let’s see what do we gather here and how can we use it to help both of these social networks get better.

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36 thoughts on “Social Networking Wars : MyBlogLog vs BlogCatalog

  1. Nice post, I currently use My Blog Log and wondered about the camparison. I’ll have to look at the other options now. I like having the widget that tells me who has visited.

    kristens last blog post..How To Use Twitter – Simplified

  2. I think BlogCatalog wins. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on all the different sites, but I did join MBL first, but definitely spend way more time at BC.

    Wills last blog post..Winners Of 2008 Doors To Diplomacy Challenge

  3. I also belong to both and just prefer using the stats tracking of MBL over BC. To me MBL takes the edge because of that reason alone.

    tony dees last blog post..Tom Cruise In All Of His Glory

  4. You said it rightly – “MyBlogLog shows you the traffic for your blog while BlogCatalog gives you the traffic for your blog!”

    I agree and am enjoying BC in comparison. But the real strength of BC is its useful discussion forum, where on can really interact with other bloggers.

    meghnaks last blog post..The Truth (Part-3)

  5. As usually, the small player on the market when bought by a big company, can quickly lose its momentum. This happened to MyBlogLog as Yahoo has to focus more on not being sold (too cheap) and the development and innovation in their marginal businesses is stopped.

    That is why BlogCatalog is far better today than MyBlogLog.

    Lukes last blog post..What kind of a leader are you?

  6. Well for me Blogcatalog is No1 source of traffic compared to other social network as long as blog tracking is concerned i prefer Google Analytic i dont believe in MLB’s stats

    Predeeps last blog post..Sell your Adspace with Etology

  7. I like Blog Catalog better than MBL (for many reasons). The new look of MBL has not always get along so well with my browser compatibility, espcially when I landed to contact page dashboard. It is not working nicely on mobile screen either 🙁 The thing I like about MBL is just the quick stats for my blog over the day.

    A u d e es last blog post..Fantasy Floral Photoshop Brushes – Part 5

  8. I guess people who can’t do copy. BC is nothing but a clone of Mybloglog.

    Roses last blog post..National Hamburger Day and Hug Your Cat

  9. Nice to see mybloglog is still doing so well! It really was a great community! Long before blogcatalog and maybe even after!

    What can I really say the charts clearly show blogcatalog has the lead!

    I still get way WAY more traffic from mybloglog!

    Social Networking for Bloggerss last blog post..5 Artsy Things To Put In A Girl’s Home

  10. cool graph. i always like it when people presenting info use some kind of visual aid. it helps create a better understanding have different view points to look at. props.

  11. First of all, Alexa is not perfect. There are still so many users that are not tracked. You cannot say that this data provided by Alexa is in any respect accurate. I wouldn’t bother too much anyway.

  12. Hmm, I’ve tried out mybloglog a little bit, and its kinda nice. Hadn’t even heard of BlogCatalog, though, so I’ll have to check it out before I can opine on it.

  13. I don’t like MBL either. It’s kind of hard to figure things out for non-geeks. I wasn’t very active with BC yet. Looking forward to more active participation at BC.

    DemoGeeks latest published blog-post ………. Translate your website or blog to different languages using Google Translate Gadget

  14. BC owns MBL. Just from my personal experience, BC is the one that brings in the traffic. No offense to the MBL faithful but that’s just been my experience.

  15. BlogCatalog has done a great job of not only building apps but building a community on there and being response to what the community wants. Truly a marriage of users and managers working together.

  16. Not too many people are using MBL lately that’s why BC gains the upper hand. Aside from that, Blogcatalog passes down the traffic to the blogs listed in them.

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  19. If people can only view limited areas of your social network, they will not have much of a chance to determine whether your site is for them.

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