After a terrible day, of driving over 200 kilometers on Indian roads (they are horrible, I tell you!) and attending some parties, I didn’t really think I could publish a post today! So instead of writing anything, I spent the last 3-4 hours doing some research on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising & optimization.

I was specifically on a look-out for an effective way of making maximum money out of banner ads displayed on websites and blogs (like the Google Adsense, also based on Pay-Per-Click model) but couldn’t find much, other than suggestions and tips on lay-out and positioning of ads or blending them with the design, which we come across at just every other make-money blog.

But there is another aspect to blending the ad units with the blog or placing it at hot-spots than just design enhancement. Have you ever given a thought to what kind of traffic clicks on your Adsense or similar banner advertisements?

Web-savvy people know what Google Adsense or any banner ad is and will generally avoid clicking your ads, while the non-web-savvy people can not easily make out ads from other links, content or a piece of interesting information. As a reader with a blogger mindset, when I am reading your blog, ads may even be a distraction for me when what I am interested in is your content actually. I may not click your ads unless or otherwise I often shop online and am really interested in buying something!

Whereas, you can expect a kid to click on an ad unit in the header showing his favorite game flashing with a free-for -download tag, or a music freak cum noobie clicking the adsense unit in the sidebar to know about a store that provides electronic guitars at rock-bottom prices. This may sound senseless but you can actually expect the clicking visitor to navigate around the advertiser’s page and stay there for some time there out of curiosity to find something he is looking for.

* Believe it or not! But if you can target Non-Web-Savvy audience through your blog or website, you can make more money out of your Pay-Per-Click services like Adsense, etc. than from targeting web-savvy audience at a similar scale.

Do you have two blogs targeting these two different segments? Notice any differences between the money you make from each of these blogs? It’d be so lovely if you share your experiences and opinions with me and other readers of Inspirit. Take some time to drop a comment below.

16 thoughts on “Non-Web-Savvy Traffic Brings You More AdSense Money

  1. This is a unique take on ads. So it might be better to try and make money on a site that is not made up mostly of other bloggers? bloggers? Interesting. I make no attempt at this point to make money from my blog so I have no expertise. But if you put up a few sites or spend a lot of time working on it, I can see where it would have to at least pay for itself.

  2. Distraction to the Web Savvy readers caused by the overwhelm numbers of ads in blog layout. In the other side, when non Web Savvy visitors need more infos, they are appearently see those advertising links as another sources. I think it depends to what your blog type and niche. For some high traffic blogs and of course with good content, avoiding to put ads is like leaving your money on the table and leaving great potential revenues to maintain a good quality blog in the long term. Sometimes, new visitors could have been clicking the ads as a way to thank if they find your content useful to a certain point. 😉 hope you get the positive idea Abhinav!
    It is a great topic to discuss by the way.

  3. As a beginner blogger I’d have to agree with your premise. 100% of the limited success I’ve had so far is by trying to spread the word of my blog among friends and acquaintances. Then ask them to spread it to theirs.

    Nice article!

    PS- I remind the 1st line of friends not to click away on my ads. Once it’s out of my 1st degree contacts, click away.

  4. Google pays out on CPM’s too. if you don’t know what it is, it is a term used when you have earned 1000 page views, you get paid too. There is really nothing not worth adding adsense to anybody’s sites. Definitely Recommended. Great Post btw. 🙂

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  5. good article, very good read, everyone should give a read and think about it.
    Thanks for sharing , keep it up

  6. Adsense is a tricky thing. I have 2 sites, one that is highly targeted towards search engine traffic (non web savvy) and a blog that interacts with other bloggers. The income and click through rates are like night and day difference.

    It’s just a matter of marketing the right kind of content to the right kind of visitor.


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  7. love this post! can anyone suggest any relevant post that i can search for?
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  8. I never thought about this — you’re right, the web savvy don’t normally click ads. Going to have to think about this and see if I can come up with some strategic changes to my blogs to profit from this insight. Thanks for the tip!
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