Shanker Bakshi’s third contest on his blog Lets Win This Contest Together successfully concluded on 1st September after running for a month. There were 208 entries in total considering 5 entries from a blog post about this contest and 3 entries from subscribing to the blog by email. All the entries were processed using and a list of winners was generated.

Inspirit Blog had sponsored the contest with a 125 x 125 ad spot for a month worth $35 and one jump-the-queue blog review worth $150 ! That totals to prize worth of $185. The 125 x 125 ad spot worth $35 for a month is won by Amor Francis, a 31 year old female pinoy blogger from Manila, Philippines. And, the jump-the-queue blog review goes to Eerik. Congratulations to you – Amor, Eerik and all the lucky winners of Lets Win This Contest Together.

You can find the complete list of all the winners at Shanker’s blog. I am looking forward to another good blog contest coming up at Shanker Bakshi dot com soon. I am working on setting up the ad-spots as I lost the configuration while switching from windows based hosting to linux based webhosting, recently. Amor, you can email me the 125 square banner so that I can put it up here. And Eerik, your blog’s jump-the-queue review will be published tomorrow itself around this time. I recommend that you subscribe to Inspirit Blog through email to keep track of any updates.

Once again, I’d like to congratulate all the lucky winners of Lets Win This Contest Together.

8 thoughts on ““Lets Win This Contest Together” concludes. Winners Announced.

  1. Fantastic idea to have a competition… encouraging people to use blogs and use the internet as an advertising medium! May check out the next contest!

  2. What a super idea your contest was. Will try to be in time for a follow up.

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