Its 15th August today, the 61st Independence Day of India. Today, I’d like to salute all the martyrs who laid their lives for the country’s freedom, those immortal freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev who kissed the gallows at unripe ages. I salute those great people who gave us the free air that we breathe in today, the great saints and holy sages who spread the message of love, harmony and peace. I bow my head before the Indian Flag and pledge to devote my life and all my work to progress of this nation.
Indian National Flag, Tricolor : Tiranga
Feel free to share, download and use this wallpaper. Happy Independence Day. Preserve your freedom, celebrate your independence.
Jai Hind. जय हिन्द।

4 thoughts on “Independence Day of India 2008

  1. happy belated independence day to you. as someone who lives in a country which experienced hundreds of years as a colony, we can appreciate what it’s like to eventually gain some semblance of freedom.

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