Yesterday, I was reading much about do-Follow movement and blogs that do Follow.Its important that you know what do Follow really is because do follow or no follow links play a major role in making or marring your link-building campaign. RT has a post on building backlinks with blogs that do Follow, not no-Follow, that talks about various ways bloggers employ to build links, such as using plugins like CommentLuv and KeywordLuv or they remove the rel=”nofollow” attribute from their blogs.

Many bloggers have already compiled several lists of blogs that are a part of the do follow movement, rewarding them with link love from their own blogs. A point of concern regarding such lists is that many blogs that claim they are do follow just to get in these lists while they are not, actually! I have a recent experience when I searched for do follow blogs to comment on and build some links to Inspirit. I wasted my time only to realize later that most of these did me no good.

RT has taken up this herculean task of checking each and every blog that is submitted to him through a comment, so that he can add it to his Do Follow, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv Blog List as a part of his ‘Reader Appreciation.’

If you’re a do Follow blogger or use either or both of CommentLuv or KeywordLuv plugins (for WordPress), you should drop your blog in a comment at Untwisted Vortex for a review and inclusion into the list.

82 thoughts on “Building Backlinks with doFollow blogs and the DoFollow,CommentLuv and KeywordLuv Blog List

  1. @Will: My Comments at your blog verify that 😉 Have you submitted your blog to RT’s Blog List?

    @Jrayrice: Backlinks mean the number of blogs that link back to your blog. Backlinks determine the popularity of your blog and also affect your ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages.)
    I didn’t mean the links in your address bar/history.

  2. I use an adware to remove cookies and links before I turn my computer off. Does this affect my backlinks?

  3. Thanks for the link love, and the shoutout.

    It seems I have spurred a little controversy…

    Thanks for the link to Untwisted’s page for the dofollow list…

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  4. Hi Abhinav,
    Michael from Emarketscout here.Thanks to RT, my blog is now listed,too … 🙂

    In one of my recent posts i give away a free report about how to get quality backlinks and traffic. But there is a little catch. Though the report is free, the reader has to accept a little ethical bribe and do me a favor before he gets the report.

    Perhaps you like to take a look and tell your readers too?
    Keep the good work up …*-)

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  5. @Mr.Eims: Its certainly good to have “loving” people around 😉

    @Olivier: For a blogger/blogspot blog, yes it is easy to verify the presence of noFollow attribute by viewing the source code of the template page, which is not an all-HTML page. It can be complicated in the case of WordPress Plugins, so the use of available plugins is recommended.

    Also, if you’re trying to view the HTML source for someone else’s website through a browser, you may or may not be able to see the rel=”nofollow” tags in the generated HTML source.

  6. The problem with the “I am a do follow blog” announcement is that you open yourself up to spam and/or lame “nice post” comments. With the hope that you’re promoting valuable comments on blogs, I’ll take the risk and add that I’m a do follow blogger.

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  7. I have removed rel=”nofollow” from my comment field to return the love to the person who comment on my post and ask other to do so.

    but i have put my comments on approval system so my blog dont get spam replys like nice article or good post and blah blah blha

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  8. I can see why many wouldn’t want to open their blogs to this
    problem (spam) but you have to look at the bright side of things.
    You could always moderate the comments keeping the ones of true value, and also reurn the favor with the same commentors to gain more valuable backlinks yourself.

    It just depends on how you go about it. 🙂

  9. Hello Abhinav,

    I am new to do follow and after reviewing your posts I understand it alot better. I am so nervous about this spam stuff. I will be submitting to RT and hope he will include me to his list. Good job, thanks.


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  10. I never thought about getting two links back when you comment on a blog with CommentLuv. Now there is more reason to comment than ever before!

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  11. I just implemented Lucia Linky Love on my site along with CommentLuv. I never really appreciated before the importance of follow/no-follow (my site is a PR5).

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  12. Its important that you know what do Follow really is because do follow or no follow links play a major role in making or marring your link-building campaign.

  13. I’m going to be honest. It’s blogger like you that really help out the webmasters who are trying to rank but have trouble getting high quality backlinks. Alot of people think it’s easy, but if you’re trying to rank a financial website on Google (like i am), than you have a steep “internet mountain” to climb and every link helps. But it’s unfortunate that readers that leave backlinks to financial websites usually get listed as spammers. I really don’t see what the big deal is.

  14. Dofollow blogs and comments are like a little reward for the people who comment in your blog. So don’t use nofollow if you want some more comments. For spammers just use some “captcha” and moderate them.


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  15. I think nofollows are important, because they stop spammers from abusing blog sites. However, do-following seems a great idea for those who are well protected against unsolicited content either by captchas or comment moderation.

  16. I just took a quick look at the lists of do-follows and they are actual indeed. Some sites I tested have the treshhold of 5 comments before the no-follow is stripped off. This is a great initiative, and I hope more and more sites will follow suit.

  17. I was looking around for information on DO Follow websites. So of course I came to stumbleupon and checked the DoFollow tag. With all those preaching and saying, you were the first one that I found! I am going to point you out in an article I am writing. THX

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  19. Thanks to share this useful dofollow lists. I’ll use it for my blog resources. Regards, Esaul Daris.

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  20. FYI, I just left a comment and it took me to a page with a DB error, but then forwarded me back to the post and my comment was visible

  21. nice find, planning to get my blog installed with commentluv & keywordluv. Hoping to get more traffic from link builder 😀

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  22. This is great. I love blogs that reward real comments posted by real humans. To me it only seems fair…

  23. I now have installed CommentLuv so will see how this works out. Before turning my blog into a do follow I want to get CommentLuv working as I have yet to see any backlinks in my comments so far.

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  24. There has been a discussion about whether nofollowing can raise a red flag at Google for your site. And some of the SEO people are claiming that you may get hurt if you tweak too much with that attribute because Google will think you may be involved in artificial link building. Therefore, the do-follow initiative is a good approach in my opinion.

  25. FYI
    I found untwistedvortex to be super helpful. All the inf he gave was corect, so it shows that he really screens every blog. PS: I found your blog through untwistedvortex.


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  26. I was searching article like this, You had given so necessery information thanks to writer of this article

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  27. Do follow blogging is beneficial for both the reader and the blogger. The blogger is rewarded with increased relevant discussion on their blog, while the reader is rewarded with a valuable backlink for their contribution to the discussion.

  28. Do follow blogs encourage the reader to add into the discussion. They are rewarded with a valuable backlink to their site for contributing.

  29. I agree with Bill & Richard. Sometimes if I see that blog is nofollow I simply lose a wish to comment something because I don’t get anythinng in response (but I give to blog new content).

    Myron Tay, what penalties are you talking about?! For what? This plugins does not violate any rule of Google.

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  30. Also, if you’re trying to view the HTML source for someone else’s website through a browser, you may or may not be able to see the rel=”nofollow” tags in the generated HTML source.

  31. I already use all those… Good to find more do-follow bloggers.
    Happy blogging 🙂

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  32. HI,

    Exactly I too agree with your comment that many of them just maintain no follow even than they join with the list of do follow.Any comment which is either do follow or not can be known by using following formula rel=external , while in case of no follow it looks as rel=no follow.

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