Xavier Media Blog is a place where you can find posts that you need to know to be a webmaster or a blogger. Written by Andreas, this blog is a part of Xavier Media, a web company that offers PHP scripts, CGI scripts, Java scripts, e-Books and other stuff related to web development and management.

Xavier Media Blog uses a custom 3-column theme with a nice header bearing an X. The right side of the header is the mascot (?) of Xavier Media advertising the cheap web-hosting plan. This doesn’t look obtrusive at all, anyway.

The right sidebar is narrow and contains 125 x 125 ads, an Entrecard widget and recent comments, trackbacks and readers (provided by MyBlogLog.) There are 5 posts displayed on the main page. The number of posts is ideal but what is not is the lengthy page, that gets this long because the posts are not paginated. Paginating a post is a standard available feature in wordpress and is of ultimate utility.

You may insert a break in the post with a read more tag that allows you to split your post and show only an introduction to your post on the main page. If the reader is interested in your story, then he may click the read more link that appears next to the story and read the rest of it. This will reduce the length of the main page as well as make it more readable and usable. Readable in the sense that the reader is more likely to navigate down the whole page and usable in the sense that reader can chose to read only what he wants to or likes to.

The left sidebar has the Feed Subscription options just at the right place. Below the feed subscription options are pages, popular posts and archives, etc neatly placed. The one interesting design feature in the blog is the border separating the left sidebar from the content container but the right sidebar is just place next to the content container giving an impression in the first sight that the template is a 2 column with inline ads in the content container. This is so justified as the content is not very wide and looks just fine when there is nothing to separate the right sidebar from it.

The content is informative and resourceful. I loved reading the blog and even added its RSS to my live bookmarks for reading in future. The latest article about Link Baiting Tips is amazing and you’d love reading it as well. The posts are well structured,punctuated and grammatically sound that makes it quite comprehensive.

With a good design and nice content, Xavier media blog should jump into more social networking scenes like BlogCatalog for getting all the more readers and submit their posts to social bookmarking networks like Blog Engage that has been generating quite a buzz in a few days since its launch.

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