Its been a full week now that I haven’t updated my blog because of bad health. Probably, this is the longest time that I have stayed away from blogging! And I really missed this part of my daily life when I slept away all the time I had apart from college.

Today, I am back with this review of a very cool blog, Stuff to Get, by someone who wants to be known as Stuffy in this blog review. Stuffy blogs about cool and free-for-use softwares (freeware and shareware), flash games and other stuff that can be entertaining or useful both either online or off-line or both.

I am personally a big fan of using free utilities than spending money on something that does nothing better. If you are looking for free disk management tools to check where all your hard disk space goes, or if you want to look for a few interesting flash games that you can play online for free, then Stuff to Get is the place you should check out at once. Of course, there’s a lot more stuff than I can mention here. Just take a few minutes to go through this wonderful blog.

This blog runs on Freicury, an aesthetic 3-column theme with two sidebars to the right of the content block. A simple but appealing header design welcomes you when you open this wonderful blog. The feed subscription buttons are just located at a place where they get their due attention from the blog visitors.

There’s a promotional offer from Stuff to Get‘s web hosting on the top of the sidebars along with a nifty search bar, while the rest of the sidebars are neatly organized with minimal content like the EntreCard widget which Stuffy uses for blog promotion, a Google Adsense ad unit, recent posts, archives and a blogroll. The blogroll’s real short though! And I’d suggest Stuffy to start reading my blog much more frequently than he ever did, so that I might find a place there and help it getting longer 😛 !

The best things that I like about Stuff to Get are:

  • Comprehensive and to-the-point content that is interesting to read.
  • Non-Obtrusive placement of ads.
  • Rewarding the top commentators with a free link by using the Top Commentators plugin.
  • The suggestion and feedback page: Got Stuff to Add is probably the best feature of this blog.

Other things that I’d have really liked to see at Stuff to Get are an About page, categories/labels under which posts are filed in the sidebar, the BlogCatalog widget that can help Stuffy to network better and also monitor the popularity of his blog among the BlogCatalog users who visit his blog. The technorati favorites button in the sidebar can be brought nearer to the top for more exposure.

Stuff to Get is a resourceful blog that you’ll love to visit and then be glad that you did. Stuffy is also making a good progress with his blog on Alexa charts and I just wish him the best of luck with everything that he’s doing to promote his blog.

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9 thoughts on “Blog Review – Stuff to Get

  1. Hi Abhinav,
    Nice review. I am sure to visit this cool blog called Stuff to get. It looks as a promising place and author!
    Hope you are now keeping in the best of your health! Best wishes….. 😛

    meghnak’s last blog post..The Prince!

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  3. I like that blog but his section of flash games isn’t that great. I frequent flash arcades all the time, my favorite so far is because they have over 5000 games, all free.

  4. HI, nice to have you back. I am interested with this stuff to get software. It is new to my ear and I can’t relate to this but I am interested with this cause I am fun of exploring different and new things on the different methods in making a blog attractive for the readers. Thanks for sharing.

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