Military Info Ace, by Manu Dhawan, discusses and shares news on Military from around the world. Titled “World Military Information” this blog also shares photos of various military installations, army-men and war machines & tactics. The blog was most probably set up in the last week of January and after 35 posts in 7 days it was never updated again in the month of February.

Design & Layout:
This blog uses Blogger’s default Minima template with no colors, images or borders. With a content block and no more than one sidebar, this is the simplest form of a blog you can come across. The header image is too big to impress me and so is the use of the other images in the blog post. The idea of using thumbnails is great but the size resolution bar below them doesn’t look great.

The layout of content block can also be highly enhanced if these images are used in an HTML table. There can be 2 or 3 images easily placed in one row of the table which will shorten the length of the post as well as organize the attached photos into a well organized album. You can leave a note at the beginning or the end of the photos collection that they can be clicked for a larger image. Another layout recommendation is to center-align the contents of sidebar. You can clearly see, the alternately place blog promotion widgets (BlogTopList, BlogCatalog & TopBLogArea) don’t make a very good impression.

By the way, the Republic Day is gone, but the Indian Flag looks great on the top of the sidebar. I would be including this image in my about page soon.

The content is good enough for anyone searching for something on the subject itself. I liked to go through various posts like the Roman Army Formations and also liked to see the photos of war machinery like the tanks,etc. They have always fascinated since the childhood. Anyway, I’d recommend that you quote the sources of these photos/images when you post them. Link to the sources of News in the blog-posts and never copy-paste the whole of the report. Instead quote an excerpt and present your own views-on-news.

The blog hasn’t been updated at all since the end of January and thats a span long enough to kill your blog’s traffic and readership, only to be never seen again. Other recommendations that I have to offer to you are to place the BlogRoll in the sidebar instead of the footer. Bring the Stat Counter to the top of sidebar. Your about-me/profile literally sucks so consider working on it. Take a look at the 5 ways to manage your profile to turn your profile visitors into Sticky Readers. Change your header image, and use a smaller image instead.

Update frequently, be original and unique. Scraping news or images won’t help you even in the least measure.

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