Masters Of SEO had requested a Free Blog Review for his blog about 3 weeks ago. I haven’t published a blog review in the past few days as I am having a really busy college schedule. There’s also an essay competition going to be held under the National Productivity Week celebrations on 15th Feb, that is just the day after tomorrow. As the competition is open for whole of the college so I have to prepare extra-hard to gain an edge over the rest. I just hope, things will start getting back to normal soon after the national productivity week celebrations are over as I am also being regular with my studies so that no tasks are pending & don’t make me suffer like they did, the last semester.

Anyway… “Better Late than Never”, So here’s the blog review for Masters Of SEO.

I don’t have an introduction to post about the owner of this blog as he (or she, I am not sure!) didn’t leave his name in the comments, nor is there any information about the author in any of the post at the blog. For the sake of my convenience, I will refer to this blogger as MoS (From Masters of SEO) in this entire review. As an SEO-Blogger, MoS should know the importance of having an About Page. I recommend MoS to go through this post that I did in the early days of Inspirit, about 5 ways to manage your profile to turn profile visitors into sticky readers. Feel free to include a link to this post in a future post as I am sure it will go well with your tag line “How to Build Traffic to Your Site.”

Design & Layout:

  • The header design is fine, but it could have been a lot better if you removed the Grey border around the tag-line.
  • The social network widgets from MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog reside outside your blog’s template. It’s recommended that you place them in one of your side-bars for more exposure and hence build more chances for expanding your social network.
  • Make the sidebars distinct from the content block by changing the background color of either of these. A lighter color scheme is suggested so that your blog becomes a bit easier on eyes.
  • Bring the Email Subscription Form to the top of the sidebar and place it “in easy reach” just below the search button. Remember that the Subscription options are not for your readers to find out, but you should show it to them if you want them to subscribe to you.
  • Manage a BlogRoll & share the sites you visit with your readers. If your true intent is to help other bloggers to make money online, won’t you share your own resources with them so that they might benefit them as well?
  • The ads have been placed right but the heading- Sites in the right side bar is misleading. This is a violation of the terms and conditions of using Google Adsense and might get you into trouble if spotted! Google is smart & intelligent.


MoS has some really nice content on his blog like this post in which he talks in detail about the ways to generate more traffic for your blog from social networks and search engines. However, use of bullets and numbering for lists & spell-checks before publishing any post would be great for Masters Of SEO. I think, the post template also needs to be tweaked to improve the layout and positioning of social bookmarking buttons below a post, along with the utility links like to the permalink & comments, etc.

I hope this blog review helps MoS to improve his blog and wish Masters Of SEO further develops into a resourceful and informative blog.

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