GamePosts Dot Net by Syngenetic is a blog that talks, as the name says, Gaming. “Game On” is a short but effective tag line. GamePosts is based on WordPress. This information has been taken off the footer, but is apparent from the Meta section that allows you to register for or log in into a WordPress admin panel & also carries a link to

Considering that Syngenetic is blogging in the gaming niche that attracts a very large audience online, I am surprised to see that GP doesn’t have a single feed subscriber in two months that it has been up and running. One reason could be that the posts on GP are not very original. The content is basically scraped of news sources and lacks a personal outlook on anything that is posted. While, I appreciate the fact that the latest is offered at GP, but hey! do you think you’re the only blogger talking about this kind of stuff? NO, absolutely not.

An important point to remember is that we should not try to be the media when we are actually not. In blogging, while the News holds its own importance, Views on News are what people are looking for.

Another thing that I would like to bring to your concern is about the videos posted on your blog. I have stressed it earlier also, that its a healthy practice to add a small textual description about the contents of the video, in the blog post. This is just so useful for people in countries like India, who might be interested in your stuff but have broadband connections that are just too far from anything that can be called fast!

Talking about the design, GamePosts looks good and is quite easy on eyes. The prime features like the Search tool and the feed subscription options are at just the right places. I suggest you take off your feed count chicklet till you have a good number to show off.

An easy way to organize your sidebar is to decide the priority of the widgets (or sections) in your sidebar. You should place the things of utmost interest to your audience in easy reach. Like the polls that reside down below in the right sidebar can be placed on the top of a sidebar where they will be more easily noted and used.

By digging through your blog and getting an idea of your posting frequency, I can say that you can establish your blog in your niche if you do it right. Work on your content, add some originality and a personal touch so that more people get interested in reading you.

I hope this review helps you understand the areas that are holding you back in the run & wish you the best of luck with your blog.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Review – Game-Posts. Game On.

  1. Another great review. I think your suggestions will help the site, just like your suggestions when you reviewed mine helped me. That is a real good suggestion for the video. Even with a fast connection, it is nice to know what the video is before loading it.

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