AngryJed by, of course, an angry Jed is a place for Jed to come and rant about white he deems wrong in this world- about government, news-media, flag-wavers, new-agers, conspiracy nut, stupid people, soccer moms, scammers and the like.

Design: AngryJed uses this default blogger theme that I had once used for one of my blogs where I used to write short funny stories, jokes, and the like. I hate this theme like anything and would love to join Jed to rant about it. I hate the oh-so-wide sidebar that can’t contain anything in proper alignment. The sidebar is literally cluttered with ads and referral units down till the end of the page. The ads in the sidebar are all messed up and placed randomly.The footer below the content is just in a similar state! I wonder if Jed ever gets any of those ads clicked by his readers.

Content: The blog content is personal in nature, and some posts are fun to read while others are thoughtful. The template design of this blog kills the essence of reading the content just as the numerous ads splattered everywhere around the blog do. Too much sponsored content fails to interest me in reading AngryJed.

Recommendations: I recommend changing the orange shades to some other colors that are more easy on eyes and make the flames in Jed’s content easily visible. The width of the sidebar can be altered to be somewhere about 180 pixels wide. The widgets can then be easily grouped according to their dimensions and nature. With decent amount of tweaking this theme can be made to look awesome. I myself used two black and white gradient images instead of the header text and changed the background to light Grey. The headings (post titles, category heads) can be changed to dark Grey and social widgets can be placed in the footer.

Number of posts displayed on the main page is 10 which makes the page too long, Do not display any more than 5 posts on the main page. This will make your page load faster as well as make it easier to navigate till its end. Organize the sidebar widgets and display a minimal required number of them. Remove all the unnecessary ads from your page as they won’t do you any good but only make your blog look ugly.

Try being more descriptive about what you write, include minimal sponsored content like large chunks of news from AFP website and so. Always include a small description of a video you post.

Overall, this blog needs a lot of customization and tweaking to be done in order to become a readable blog. Jed would get angry on me for doing such a review and probably even rant about me on AngryJed, but this is the very honest opinion of me, on his blog.

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5 thoughts on “Blog Review – Angry Jed

  1. Hey Abhinav,
    Thanks for the review – full of constructive criticism that I could use. I plan to use some of your suggestions, especially about the number of posts/page and some of the ads.

    You are obviously an intelligent guy that knows a little about blog layouts. I think the review is a little too critical to put on the site but don’t worry, you are safe from my anger.

    1. Its nice to see you take this review positively.

      Regarding using my suggestions, if you face any trouble implementing any of those and/or need any more help as well, just drop me a comment or e-mail me personally.

      As about the badge, go the way you’re easy…
      Thanks for dropping by, see you around.

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