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The Writing Nag is a creative writing blog that offers excellent tips on effective writing using techniques like speed writing, etc. Some posts also talk about improving your story and poetry writing skills apart from general writing ability. Each of the posts are spiced up with quotes that are quite interesting to read. This one, that I found recently, is my favorite :

“Ben Franklin may have discovered electricity- but it is the man who invented the meter, who made the money”
— Earl Warren

Often updated, and with all the quality content, The Writing Nag is quite a resource in itself. The only thing that taxes the readability and usability of this blog is its design and layout. The sidebar needs a complete workout. Besides the link to subscription options, adding a Feedburner email subscription form could be considered.

The widgets from social sites like MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog are all messed up in the footer along with the haphazardly placed Feedjit and Adsense for Search widget. I suggest that they be resized from the respective sites and optimized to fit in the sidebar. Also, it’d be better if the similar widgets are grouped and placed together. The disclosure policy that has been placed too far down the page, should appear at a more prominent place near the top so that it’s easily accessible.

The content at The Writing Nag is already quite good. Switching over to a new template, or a re-design of this template can give a big boost to Writing Nag’s readership base. For a theme such as this blog’s… lighter templates are recommended. Also, a neatly organized and properly managed sidebar enhances the reading experience. It also becomes easy to spot important things like the disclosure policy, the entrecard, etc.

Writing Nag, now get back to work! and better up your blog. 🙂