A Simple and Fun Twitter Contest and Terminator: The UV Chronicles

Just last week, RT at Untwisted Vortex announced the Simple and Fun Twitter Contest that he believed would be lot of fun..

Simple? : Every contest has rules.. But they are exceptionally simple in the case of this contest. All you have to do is just follow RT and send him a direct message (tweet) on Twitter with some anchor text to go with either your blog or a specific blog post. If you don’t use Twitter, then simply leave him a msg using his contact-form.
That’s all!

Fun? : There are no monetary prizes (keep reading.. The prize on offer is much more valuable 😀 ) RT plans to be creative (as he always is) & write in the same manner as his “Am I Boring You?” post and link to your blog or specific blog post with your desired anchor text. Plus, he’ll be following you back, if you follow him on twitter. Now that’s called Reader Appreciation.

You can preview the “fun” part of the contest with this very first (prize) post that he wrote today: Terminator: The UV Chronicles! 😀 I don’t know if RT had fun crafting this piece of fiction, straining his mind in the worst way… But I definitely had fun reading it. In fact, anyone would enjoy the way RT writes. I think, the best part of the whole story is when RT links to my blog post Bloginator warns RT to Upgrade his WordPress or Die. LOL…

So… What are you waiting for? Enter the Simple and Fun Twitter Contest and compete with yourself and RT’s time to get some link love from his PR 5 blog!